Ulaanbaatar - Zamyn uud Trains

Ulaanbaatar-Zamynuud Ttrain RouteUlaanbaatar and Zamyn uud are two important cities of Mongolia, the former one is the capital city while the latter one is the gateway city connected China in the east. Between these two cities, there are several transportation ways, train, bus or car transfer. We would like to offer some basic information for train travels between the two. 
The domestic train 275/ 276 is running daily, its running distance is 606km with a duration of 14.5 hours. The round-way schedules are all overnight trains, they depart from the starting point in the late afternoon and will arrive at the terminal station in the next morning. This pair of trains will stop at 19 stations in between. Choir and Sainshand are all two important cities in Mongolia. The tickets can be booked in advance to guarantee the availability, and they are also available at Ulaanbaatar station or Zamyn uud station. 


Ulaanbaatar to Zamyn uud Train Schedule: 276

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Stations Arrival Departure
(Ulan Bator)
--- 17:15
Choir 21:45 22:03
Sainshand 01:48 02:30
Zamyn uud 09:15 +1 ---


Zamyn uud to Ulaanbaatar Train Timetable 

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Stations Arrival Departure
Zamyn uud --- 18:05
Sainshand 23:05 23:45
Choir 03:55 04:15
(Ulan Bator)
08:45 +1 ---
Note: The above schedules are for reference only. 


Ticket Price of Train Ulaanbaatar – Zamyn uud 

(Last Update on July 31, 2020)
Train Type Running Distance 2nd Class Hard Sleeper
Ordinary Train 606km USD28


Ulaanbaatar Train Station

The station is at the city center, bus 6, 17, 27, 4, 42, 56 can get to the train station. Or, passengers can hire a car to get there. At the opposite of the station, it is the P Jasray Street, where there are many Chinese restaurants. 


Zamyn uud Train Station

Zamyn uud is located at the south part of Dong Gobi Province, it is a small border city between Mongolia and the People's Republic of China, but the largest land port between the two countries. Most of the buildings are in Russian style. The scenic spots include national emblem square and Lama Temple, and the Gobi scenery around the city is really magnificent. Zamyn uud railway station is in the city center, and it is the most prosperous place here. Buses is not recommended, hire a car if needed. 
Zamyn uud in Mongolia and Erlian in China are closed to each other, the distance between the two cities is only 9 kilometers. Most of the passengers are here for connection to enter China or to Ulaanbaatar. If you need to exchange the local currency, the small shops outside of the train station can help. 


Bus between Ulaanbaatar – Zamyn uud 

The long-distance bus station is named Dragon Bus Terminal, locating at the north side of Heping Avenue in the western suburb of Ulaanbaatar, public bus 1, 3, 59, 6, 42 and T2 can take you there. 2 pairs of trains are running every day at 10am and 13:00pm, and the bus ride takes about 10 hours, so, requiring a sleeper berth is necessary, and the price is surprisingly as the same as that of a hard seat. 

- Last updated on Apr. 20, 2021 -
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