Guifeng Mountain National Forest Park

Situated in Xinhui District of Jiangmen City, Guifeng Mountain has been designated as a national forest park and ranks as one of the most famous mountains of Guangdong Province. Relying on its advantageous natural resources, the lofty peaks and verdant forest give it endless vigor and charm. The special geographical location makes the mountain a rare pearl of South China. Being a notable scenic spot, the mountain also has several historical relics and has been home to many celebrated ancient scholars and venerable Buddhist followers.

Guifeng Mountain has an elevation of 437 meters (1,433 feet). Covering an area of 5,510 hectares (13,616 acres), it bears the vast forest, rare plants and exotic flowers. The red autumn leaves on the mountain are comparable to those of the Fragrant Hills Park of Beijing for there are extensive areas of trident maple trees. As deep autumn advances, the mountain is covered with scarlet leaves and the magnificent view attracts admiring crowds. The rich natural resources of the national forest park provide excellent resting places for numerous animals and birds, including some rare species. Wild boars, civet cats, palm civet, squirrels, pangolins, thrushes, golden pheasant, canaries, egrets, magpies and various butterflies appear in the forests from time to time.

Yutai Temple

Yutai Temple is one of the four most famous temples of Guangdong. It was built in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) and reached its heyday in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The sublime temple has many imposing Buddhist structures, including the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Hall of Great Hero, Sutra Depository, Kwan-yin Hall and Zendo. The Tianwang (Heavenly King) Pagoda, built during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), is the only Lama pagoda of Guangdong Province. Ruquan (Milk Spring) Well is a miracle of the Guifeng Mountain and you can find it not far from the Yutai Temple. The constant spring is cool and sweet, and it is a mystery that the ivory-white water has the taste of milk, which is especially obvious in winter.

Jade Lake

The Jade Lake is the main tourist resort and a place of recreation. A delicately elegant pavilion, which resembles a blooming flower, lies in the center of the lake. There are arch bridges among the rockworks in the lake, and tourists can swim and boat in the lake or have a walk along the banks to appreciate the picturesque scenery. The lake becomes especially charming at night with sparkling bonfires and colorful shining lights. The national forest park also has a well-equipped sports park on a grand scale, providing ice-skating, rowing, grass-skiing, rock-climbing, go-karting and other popular sports, as well as barbecues.

Palm Art Garden

The Palm Art Garden is the only garden in the world which features palm art. The garden represents the more than 1,000-year history palm art of Xinhui City. Watching the live production of palm art handicrafts, you will experience the intricacy of palm art and appreciate the outstanding creations.

 Admission Fee: CNY 5
Fees for Other Attractions: Birds' Paradise: CNY 30
Yutai Temple: CNY 5
Palm Art Garden: CNY 10
Jade Lake: Free
Bus Route: Take bus No.3 at Xinhui Bus Station and get off at Guifeng Mountain
- Last updated on Jul. 10, 2019 -
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