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Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise Tickets Booking
From CNY105/US$16 per person
  • Enjoy the wonderful night sight of Guilin surrounding the two rivers and four lakes.
  • Admire the serried hills, bridges and towers along the cruise route.
  • Book the tickets online to save time on queueing up at the wharfs.
Select Date and Tickets:
  • Adult: Height 140cm+ (Includes 140cm)
  • Night Cruise (Cruising duration: about 90min)
  • Child: Height 120-139cm
  • Night Cruise (Cruising duration: about 90min)
Important Notice
1. Free of charge for children under 120cm, with no seat provided.
2. Children between 120cm and 139cm enjoy preferential price with seat.
3. Children above 140cm should buy adult tickets.
Embarking and Debarking Wharf
Wenchangqiao Wharf (Embarking) - Xiangshan Fishman's Wharf (Debarking)
Xiangshan Fishman's Wharf (Embarking) - Wenchangqiao Wharf (Debarking)
Embarking Time
17:50, 18:40, 19:30, 19:50, 20:00, 20:10, 20:15, 20:40, 21:10, 21:30
Extra departs would be added during 21:40 and 23:50 on public holidays.
What to Expect
Book the ticket, you will enjoy a cruise trip on the Two Rivers and Four Lakes, namely, the Ronghu Lake, Shanhu Lake, Guihu Lake and Mulong Lake, together with a part of Li River within the Guilin city, and Taohua River.

Recommended night cruise is the best way to enjoy the sight in Guilin city. Dazzling lights reflected on waters, and renowned hills and towers by water, such as Elephant Trunk Hill, Folded Brocade Hill, Wave-Subduing Hill and Twin Pagodas, make you feel at a dreamy land. Hurry to book the ticket to enjoy the wonderful night sight.
Night Scene in Guilin
Twin Pagodas, Guilin
There are also 19 famous well-designed bridges on the waters. You will gasp in admiration at these exquisite bridges. Especially at night, the colorful lights make bridges more charming, for example, simple and smooth lined Rongxi Bridge and Deicai Bridge, like a gorgeous rainbow at night on Mulong Lake.
Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Guilin
Two Rivers and Four Lakes, Guilin
You can watch the folk show on the water at night, too. While feasting your eyes and ears, you will also be surprised at the harmony of nature and human beings, and the harmony of hills, waters and modern city.
Additional Info
Where are the wharfs for embarking?
Riyuewan Wharf: No.1, North Shanhu Road, Guilin
Wenchangqiao Wharf: Next to Wenchang Bridge, Minzhu Road, Guilin
Xiangshan Fishman's Wharf: No. 6 Wharf of Li River, Binjiang Road, Guilin
How to get to the wharfs?
To Wenchangqiao Wharf:
Take the city bus 2, 16, 23, Sightseeing Bus 1 to Xiangshan Park Stop. Then walk west and cross the bridge to get to the wharf.

To Riyuewan Wharf:
Take the city bus 3, 10, 11, 91, 100, k99 to Yangqiao Stop. Then walk northeast along the Shanhu Lake for about 400 meters (437 yards) to find the Riyuewan Wharf.

To Xiangshan Fishman’s Wharf:
Take the city bus 2 and get off at Lijiang Theatre Stop. Walk southward to find the wharf by the river.

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