Dragon Pavilion (Long Ting)

The featured imperial palace and carvings
The featured imperial palace and carvings
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Dragon Pavilion is the main part of Dragon Pavilion Park located in the northwest of Kaifeng City, where six dynasties located their capitals. The site where the pavilion is located is the site of many dynasties' imperial palaces and reached its height of prosperity in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Then, most of the constructions were destroyed through wars. In the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the mansion of an emperor's son was established here with a garden. In the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) a hall was added, a place where the emperors' tablets were placed, thus getting the name of Dragon Pavilion.

This pavilion, together with other scenic beauties, makes up the Dragon Pavilion Park. This area is the most famous and the largest scenic spot in Kaifeng, with an area of 0.87 square kilometers (214 acres). So it is a must-see when traveling to Kaifeng.

Dragon Pavilion is a typical representative of the cultural and historical heritages of Kaifeng. It is the main part of the constructions in Dragon Pavilion Park. In fact, the pavilion is a grand hall built on a 13-meter (43 feet) blue brick terrace with 72 steps. This hall, a wooden structure built facing south, is 26.7 meters (88 feet) in height, covering 19.10 meters (63 feet) from east to west and 11.90 meters (39 feet) from south to north. It holds many rare cultural relics, and dragons playing with pearls are carved on the ceilings and walls. The pavilion is also a favorable place to overlook all the sceneries of Kaifeng City. In a word, travelers can have a visual feast here.
Dragon Pavilion
Dragon Pavilion
A bridge in the park
A bridge in the park
In front of the pavilion is a straight road. On the east side of the road is the Lake of Family Pan, and on the west side is the Lake of Family Yang. There is an interesting story about this. Both the Pan and Yang families are renowned from the Song Dynasty. The Yang Family is famous for their loyalty, so the lake of their family is clear, while the Lake of the Pan Family is feculent due to their treachery.

To the west of the pavilion is the Waxwork Hall, which exhibits nine groups of vivid waxworks reflecting the important events under the rules of nine emperors of the Song Dynasty. All clothing of the historic characters, even the color and style of their hats and ribbons were carefully investigated and are historically accurate. What's more, the sculptors display superior skills. The skin, hair and expressions of the waxworks are so vivid that they look like real persons. This hall certainly deserves a visit.

The Botanical Garden, which backs to the pavilion, is a masterpiece in such kind of gardens. Junipers, arborvitaes and other plants are tied into various vivid animal shapes, plane and train models, and models of many famous scenic spots in China, such as the Iron Pagoda in Kaifeng. Visitors will be impressed by the superb pruning techniques and wisdom of the gardeners. To its west is another garden featuring various kinds of bonsai.

Dragon Pavilion Park is the main venue of the famous Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Show held in October of each year. At that time it becomes a carnival of flowers and the best place for visitors to spend the festive season.
Admission Fee: CNY 35
Recommended Time for a Visit: One hour
Bus Route: 15, 20...
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Questions & Answers on Dragon Pavilion (Long Ting)
Asked by Datou from SINGAPORE | Mar. 18, 2019 02:58Reply
Hi Just wonder if anyone can advise me the mode of public transport in Henan
where to take, how frequent and how long is the distance:

1) ZhengZhou to Kaifeng (Dragon Pavillion)
2) Dragon Pavilion to Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden
3) Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden to memorial temple of Lord Bao & Iron Pagoda
4) Back to ZhengZhou Railway Station from either of the attractions
Answers (1)
Answered by Grace from FINLAND | Mar. 24, 2019 20:37

1. Take bullet train from Zhengzhou East Railway Station to Kaifeng North Railway Station. The duration is around 20 mins. After arriving, take a taxi to the destination. The cab fare is around CNY20.
2. Take bus no.15 to the scenic area directly.
3. Take tourists bus line 1 to Baogongci Bus Stop. Then walk east around 100 meters to find the scenic area.
4. From memorial temple of Lord Bao & Iron Pagoda to the railway station, take bus no.9 to Kaifeng Railway Station. After arriving, take the high speed train to Zhengzhou.
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