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 Mt. Hengshan
Also known as the 'Eight Wonders' of Nan Yue, the 'Eight Marvels' of Mt. Hengshan are a must see in Hengyang for visitors. One can marvel at the height of Zhurong Peak; the grace of Cangjing (Sutra Collection) Hall; the majesty of Nan Yue Temple which is the biggest palatial architectural complex in southern China; the antiquity of Dayu Stele; the meditative feel of Fangguang Temple which is the oldest temple on Mt. Hengshan; the steepness of Huixian Bridge; the quietness of Mojing Platform and the magic of Water Curtain Cave.
Mt. Hengshan is a holy land of Buddhism and Taoism. It should rank the 1st among things to do in Hengyang. In addition to the aforementioned Nan Yue Temple, Nantai, Fuyang and Shangfeng Temples are quite well-known. Additionally Zhusheng Temple located in Nan Yue ancient town and Qingliang Temple near Hengshan City are worth visiting. In addition, many other scenic spots can be found in Mt. Hengshan such as Banshan Pavilion; Magu Wonderland; GaoTai Temple; the Martyry and the Jingang (solid-based) Dagoba.

Other Sceneries in Hengyang City

Natural Scenery

Comparable to the Nan Yue Eight Wonders, 'Hengyang Eight Scenes' have been enjoyed by local citizens since ancient times. Yanfeng Yanyu (surrounded by clouds and mist, it can be viewed at the Huiyan Peak); Shigu Jiangshan (mountainous scenery can be viewed in the northern part of Hengyang City); Zhuling Dongnei (the hidden cave can be found beside Shi Gu mountain); Huayao Chunxi (brook scenery can be viewed in Yueping Park south of Hengyang City); Yueping Xueling (snowy scenery ca be viewed at Yueping Mountain in the winter); Qingcao Qiaotou (many inns can be found near Qing Cao Bridge beside Shi Gu Mountain); Dongzhou Taolang (peach blossoms bloom in the spring at the center of Xiangjiang River) and Xihu Bailian (white lotus flowers can be found on the west side of the city in the summer).

Human Culture Landscape

Landmarks in Hengyang include the Former Residence of Marshal Luo Ronghuan in the eastern part; in the west once can find the Jie Brand Porcelain Mud-producing Area. The site of Hengyang Old Town located in Qidong County is famous for unearthing Han Brick while Leiyang Old Town, the hometown of Cai Lun, is famous for producing Han White Marble.

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Questions & Answers on Hengyang Attractions
Asked by Dr from SOUTH AFRICA | Jul. 31, 2019 16:25Reply
Is there any international restaurant in Hengyang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Minnie from USA | Aug. 05, 2019 01:06

There are many KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald's in the city.
Asked by Pedro Baptista from MACAU | Apr. 21, 2015 05:25Reply
Can I visit some monuments about Wang Fuzhi, the big thinker of XVII century, born in Hengyang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Cindy from IRELAND | Apr. 21, 2015 22:08

You can visit his old dwelling place, named Xiangxi Cottage. It is located at Ciatangwan of Xiangxi Village, Qulan Town of this county.
Asked by Sadia from PAKISTAN | Jul. 23, 2012 06:53Reply
is there any Muslim community in Hengyang
Answers (2)
Answered by Michelle | Jul. 24, 2012 22:24

Yes, there is a mosque on No. 165, Hengjili, Zhuhui District, Hengyang.
Answered by 陆佳欣 from CHINA | Nov. 10, 2017 06:03

There maybe have some small groups of Muslim communities, but it is difficult for you to find it in Hengyang, because this city is not a special religious place, but welcome to my hometown Hengyang.
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