Hengyang Travel Tips

 Hengyang Facts:
Area: 15,302 square kilometers (about 5,908 square miles)
Position: to the south of Mt. Hengshan in Hunan Province and in the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River
Residents: about 7,180,000
Nationalities: Han and ethnic minority groups such as Yao, Miao, Tujia, Mongolian, Bai, etc.
Zip Code: 421000

 Useful Numbers:
Hengyang Airport Inquiry Telephone: 0734-8331229
Tourist Complaint: 0734-8853373, 0734-8222782
Railway Ticket Inquire: 0734-2522222

 Emergency Numbers:
Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120
The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University: 0734-8266120
The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University: 0734-8288120
Police: 110
Traffic: 122

The First People's Hospital of Hengyang City (the former Hengyang Railway Hospital)
Address: No.36 Hubei Road
Getting there: take bus No.18, 81, 27 to arrive.
The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanhua University
Address: No.69 Chuanshan Road

Bank of China provides foreign exchange service for visitors. The following are some branches' address in Hengyang City:
Zhengxiang Road (north) Office
Address: No.85 Zhengxiang Road (north)
Jiangdong Subbranch
Address: No.33 Dongfeng Road, Jiangdong District
Chengnan Subbranch
Address: No.3 Yancheng Road, Chengnan District

 Post Office:
Hengyang City Post Office
Address: Beside Taiyang (sun) Square, Zhengxiang District

When visitors come to Hengyang, they mostly choose bars or cafes to spend their nightlife. When you wander on the streets at night, you can find that many shops are still at work: restaurants, roadside eating stalls, bars, cafes and places for entertainment and dining.

But there are many activities tourists can take part in during the day. They are suggested to make accommodations near Mt. Hengshan Scenic Spot in order to experience a Buddhist life in the temples situated in Mt. Hengshan Scenic Area. They will also learn about the various kinds of Buddhism etiquette. This may be regarded as exceptional activity for entertainment. But indeed it is an interesting and meaningful activity. When you sit in meditation in the temple hearing rooster crow in the morning and a remote bell ring, you will forget all the worries in sub-celestial life. This is an effective method to search for inner serenity and can help us to better concentrate in later work and study.

Shui Ling Long Bar
Average cost per person: over CNY100
Location: Yanjiang Road (north), Shigu District
Bus Route: bus No.3, 5, 17

Louis XШ Bar
Feature: Making friends, Singing & Dancing Performances
Average cost per person: CNY 50-100
Location: Yanfeng District
Bus Route: bus No. 16, 9

Huatian International Club
Average cost per person: about CNY 87
Location: 1st floor underground of Guangbai Department Store, Shifu Road

Ethiopia Coffee
Location: No.2 Jiefang Road, Shigu District

U.B.C. Coffee
Location: No.117 Huancheng Road (south), Zhuhui District

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Questions & Answers on Hengyang Travel Tips
Asked by shawna ratto from CHINA | Mar. 19, 2019 01:27Reply
Is Hengyang sun square significant?
It is the sculpture in the park that looks like rings
Answers (4)
Answered by Taylor from FRANCE | Mar. 24, 2019 23:53

Well, as I know, it is a landmark of this city. It is like a leisure square. :)
Answered by shawna ratto from UNITED STATES | Mar. 25, 2019 04:46

Hey thanks, and I just moved here anything in particular I should go experience or see. I’m scared of getting lost since I don’t know the bus system yet
Answered by CYNTHIAP | Sep. 03, 2019 19:42

I will be moving there in one week. I am going to be at one of the universities in Hengyang. I am looking forward to visiting Mt Heng etc...Have you been able to visit any other locations in Hunan?

Answered by shawna ratto from UNITED STATES | Sep. 04, 2019 21:08

I’m not sure if that’s where I went hiking, I think it was Nanyue mountain
Asked by Faiza from CHINA | Mar. 10, 2018 10:07Reply
Please tell me international or halal restaurants or food shops in Hengyang?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rina from MALAYSIA | Mar. 12, 2018 02:10

I know a good halal resto named Yi Qing Yuan, which is located at no. 30, Caixia Street, Huaxin Development Zone. If you wanna cook international food on your own, the materials are available in local supermarkets.
Asked by Frank from USA | Feb. 20, 2018 11:14Reply
What are the best hotels in Hengyang?
I'm looking for something that looks traditional on the outside, but has a good reputation. Thanks so much!
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma from USA | Feb. 21, 2018 21:37

According to your demands, I suggest you stay in a hostel. The OP Youth Hostel is recommended. It is located at no. 47, Jinpen Community, Jinsha Road, Nanyue District.
Asked by Roger T. Winer from UNITED STATES | May. 29, 2011 18:36Reply
Will there be broadband for me 5-6 hr/day in Heyang?
My work is via internet.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from CHINA | May. 29, 2011 20:57

Yes, there is broadband in Hengyang. If you stay in hotel, some hotels may provide this service.
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