Hengyang Dining

While dining in Hengyang, the first type of cuisine that should be considered is Hunan Cuisine which also happens to be the most popular. Yu Lin Xiang Yao (Seven-Level Tower) is strongly recommended among the Hengyang dishes of Hunan Cuisine. It is a dish made of fish balls, pig's kidney, etc. This dish has an appearance of a seven-layer pagoda, and there are different entrees on each layer. Thus it has a special flavor and is unique among all Hengyang dishes. Moreover, there are some other local dishes worthy of a taste. He Ye Bao Fan (rice wrapped in lotus leaf) which is made of choice rice, eggs, barbecued pork and shrimp which tastes very delicious. A local snack called Cream Pineapple Jelly is popular among adults as well as children. If you dine at a night market, there is not only the delicious Hunan Cuisine but there are also some sweet local snacks that can be added after a big meal such as Yunpian Cake, Snow-flake Cake, Dengxin Cake, and Crisp Thin Moon Cake, etc.

Besides Hunan Cuisine, Hengyang Nanyue Vegetable Dish is also well-known both home and abroad. Nanyue refers to Mt. Hengshan in Hunan Province which is known as a famous Buddhist and Taoist scenic spot. They use eggplants, beans, flour, lotus root, radish and other vegetables as the material to be modeled into the shape of the egg, chicken, fish and meat. It is a dish which is well-suited for all diet conscious people. In addition, Bamboo Shoot Dish is another flavorful dish in the Mt. Hengshan area.

Local Restaurants

Wang Fu Restaurant
Recommended Dish: traditional dishes of Hunan Cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine
Address: No.66 Renmin Road
Getting there: Bus No.9 passes by Renmin Road.

Hengshan Local Dish Restaurant
Recommended Dish: Hunan Cuisine and local style dishes
Address: No.10 Zhengxiang Road (north)
Getting there: Bus K38 passes by Zhengxiang Road.

Yu Tou Wang Hotpot Restaurant
Address: No.8 Changsheng Road (east)

San Geng Soup
Recommended Dish: tonic soup with medical herbs such as Panax, medlar, aweto, mum, angelica, etc.
Address: No.61 Huancheng Road (north)

Western Restaurants

Singapore 'Duo Mei Li' Hengyang Branch
Recommended Dish: fried chicken, hamburger, beverage
Address: No.36 Renmin Road
Getting there: Bus No.9 passes by Renmin Road.

Happy Tom American Fast Food
Recommended Dish: fried chicken, hamburger, American local food
Address: No.1 Huancheng Road (south)
Getting there: Bus No.26 passes by Huancheng Road (south).

Maideshi Fried Chicken Restaurant
Recommended Dish: fried chicken, hamburger, french fries
Address: No.30 Zhongshan Road (south)
Getting there: Bus No.17, 9 pass by Zhongshan Road (south).

Uncle Sam West-style Food Restaurant
Recommended Dish: sirloin steak, T-bone steak
Address: No.31 Renmin Road
Getting there: Bus No.9 passes by Renmin Road.

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