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Mount Qingcheng Tickets Booking
Mount Qingcheng
From CNY40/US$7 per person
  • Explore the birthplace of Taoism with many Taoist temples and relics.
  • Climb the quiet and secluded mount to feel the harmony between man and nature.
  • Observe the customs to burn joss sticks and pray for blessings.
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Notice During Covid-19 Epidemic Control Period:
1. The real-time local "Health Code" will be checked before entry.
2. There will be body temperature measurement at the entrance. Temperature exceeding 37.3 ℃ or having abnormal phenomena such as cough and shortness of breath, visiters will get a denied entry.
3. Wear masks throughout the visit and keep distace with others.
  • Adult: Age 18+
  • Admission Ticket
  • Child: Age 7-18
  • Admission Ticket
Important Notice
1. Free of charge for children less than 6 years old or height under 130cm.
2. Children between 6 and 18 years old enjoy discount ticket.
How to Book and Use
1. Book & pay online, get email confirmation with QR code, show QR code at the entrance to get into the site.
2. Travelers in one order should enter the site together.
3. The ticket is only valid for the selected visiting date.
Opening Hours: Mar to Nov: 09:00 - 17:30; Dec to Feb: 08:30 - 17:00
Latest Entrance Time: Mar to Nov: 17:00; Dec to Feb: 16:30
Change & Cancellation
1. Free cancellation if sending the request by email 24 hours before the designated entry time.
2. After the ticket is issued, the service fee is non-refundable.
3. Partial cancellation is not accepted, tickets in one order have to be cancelled together.
4. If you would like to make change, please cancel and rebook.
What to Expect
Mount Qingcheng is famous for its serenity with verdant evergreen forests through the year, and the peaks are all round, looking like a green town standing here in the distance, hence the name Qingcheng, literally a green city.
Mount Qingcheng
Mount Qingcheng
The mountain is divided into the front range and the rear range. The front mountain is the main part of the scenic area, where lies the Taoist temples and other historical sites. The rear range is quiet with a larger area and primeval forests, which is a good place for mountaineers.

Mt. Qingcheng is one of the birthplaces of Taoism, a quite widespread religion in China. You can come across Taoist temples hidden in the woods from time to time while climbing the mountain. If you are interested in these temples, you can follow the pilgrims to learn more about Taoism, or pray before the gods. The most famous temples include Jianfu Palace, Zushi Palace, Tianshi Cave and Laojun Tower on the highest peak.
Mount Qingcheng
A Temple Hidden in the Woods
Mount Qingcheng
Taoist Temple on Mount Qingcheng
The cable car is available so that you can save your energy and have an overlook of the whole mountain on the cable car. You can also have a boat trip on Yuecheng Lake in the front mountain or on Cuiying Lake in the rear mountain. But you need to pay extra fees for these two projects.
Additional Info
No. 88, Qingchengshan Road, southwest of Dujiangyan City, 68 kilometers (42 miles) from downtown Chengdu
How to get to Mount Qingcheng
 From Dujiangyan:
Take Dujiangyan Bus 101 to Mt. Qingcheng Stop.
Take Dujiangyan Bus 102 to Neusoft University, then walk westward for about 700 meters (766 yards) to Mt. Qingcheng.

 From Chengdu:
By long-distance bus:
Take the long-distance bus to Mt. Qingcheng directly from Xinnanmen Bus Station or Chadianzi Bus Station.
Take the long-distance bus at Chadianzi Bus Station, Xinnanmen Bus Station, or Airport Bus Station in Shuangliu Airport to Dujiangyan. Then transfer to Dujiangyan bus 102 outside the Dujiangyan Bus Station to reach Mount Qingcheng.

By high speed train:
Take Chengdu Metro Line 2 to the terminal Xipu Railway Station, then transfer to the high speed train to Qingchengshan Railway Station. After that you can get on the Dujiangyan Bus 101 out of the railway station to reach Mount Qingcheng.

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