Yushan National Park

Yushan National Park is located at the center of Taiwan, named after its highest peak Jade Mountain, also known as Yushan Mountain. With an elevation of 3,952 meters (12,966ft), Jade Mountain is the highest mountain not only in Taiwan but also in East Asia.

Jade Mountain - Main Peak of Yushan National Park

Jade Mountain consists of 11 peaks, including Jade Peak, South Peak, North Peak, and East Peak.
The main Jade Peak is often capped with thick snow which makes it shine like flawless jade, hence its name. At the top of the peak, one can overlook the Taiwan Strait and the Pacific Ocean. Owing to its height and steepness, Jade Peak is recognized as the most prominent of Taiwan's “Ten Peaks”.

How to Tour Yushan National Park

1. Admire Jade Mountain from Visitor Centers

Due to Yushan National Park’s large area, four separate tourist centers have been established serving areas, these are Tataka Visitor Center, Meishan Visitor Center, Nanan Visitor Center and Shueli Visitor Center. In these visitor centers, there are viewpoints for appreciating Jade Mountain. Also, visitors can see exhibits featuring the geology, wildlife, plants and culture of Yuashan National Park. 

2. Travel along the Mountain Road by Vehicle

Along the way, visitors can see all kinds of geological structures, ranging from ancient strata, to steep cliffs, a grand canyon, a precipitous bluff, and so on. What’s more, the park is rich in ecological species, such as plants and wild animals.

Climbing Yushan Mountain

Although Yushan National Park is so large in scale, mountain climbing activities are mainly concentrated in the Jade Mountain area. The following are two recommended climbing routes:

Route 1: 2-day Mt. Jade Hike Route

Tataka Mountain Pass - Paiyun Storage and stay overnight - Jade Mountain - Tataka Mountain Pass

Route 2: 3-day Mt. Jade Hike Route

Tataka Visitor Center - Paiyun Storage for overnight stay - Jade Mountain - Mingnong Camp Base - Batong Pass - Lele Mountain House for overnight stay - Dongfu Mountain 

Tips for Climbing Yushan

1. Before climbing, one must apply for permission.
2. Prepare clothes to resist the cold as going high and take medicine for altitude sickness. 
3. If one has any intention of rock climbing, ropes and hooks must be prepared. 
4. If it is possible, climbing with an experienced guide is the best choice. 

How to Go to Yushan National Park

Visitors need to decide first which visitor center they are going to, and then choose the right place to start your journey. The specific suggestions are as follows:
1. To Shueli Visitor Center: departure from Taichung, Nantou County or Shueli Town
2. To Tataka Visitor Center: departure from Shueili Town or Chaiyi County
3. To Meishan Visitor Center: departure from Tainan or Taitung
4. To Nanan Visitor Center: departure from Yuli Town

Traveling by public bus service will most likely involve several transfers. So, we suggest you hire a car to travel to the Park upon your arrival in Taichung, Nantou or one of the above-mentioned places. A chartered car costs about TWD 4,500 per day
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Questions & Answers on Yushan National Park
Asked by Mrs Goh from SINGAPORE | Oct. 31, 2013 21:41Reply
Can we ski in Mt Yushan? Is there a Ski resort for ski? Can we rent the ski equiment
Answers (1)
Answered by Jerry from NETHERLANDS | Nov. 01, 2013 01:45

I heard there was Ski Resort before, but has been discarded by now. You'd better consult further for exact infor about that!
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