Meizhou Island and Guanghua Temple

Meizhou Island

Meizhou Island of Putian, Fujian Province is located in the northern half of the mouth of Meizhou Bay, about 1.8 nautical miles from the mainland and faces the Taiwan Straits to the southeast. Covering an area of six square miles, the island is swathed in luxuriant green foliage. The coastline, indented with over 12 miles of fine beaches, which is qualified to become a bathing beach resort.

With annual average temperature of 20C (68F), Meizhou Island is mild belonging to the typical sub-tropical oceanic monsoon climate. It presents a charming landscape endowed with blue sea and sky, golden beach and bright sunshine. There are over 20 scenic spots around the island.

More over, not only is the island endowed with beautiful vistas, but also has famous manmade landscape. As it is well known, Meizhou Island is the hometown of Chinese Goddess of the Sea – Mazu, and the birthplace of the Mazu Culture. Mazu, named Lin Mo as a baby; she was very intelligent and had both medical and navigational skills. In her short life, she both saved and blessed many fishermen and villagers alike. Deeply respecting her great compassion and high spirit, later generations built a commemorative temple dedicating it to her upon Meiyu Peak. Today, the temple is vibrant with worshippers who come for Mazus’ blessing. The statue of Mazu, looking amiable and graceful, still stands beside the sea, blessing her descendant’s safety and happiness.

Guanghua Temple

Guanghua Temple is located at the foot of Fenghuang (Phoenix) Mountain, about two miles to the south of Putian City in Fujian Province. Fenghuang Mountain presents a verdant landscape: trees clothe the mountain in green and babbling brooks wander through woods. The study of Buddhism once flourished in this environment.

Guanghua Temple has a long history. It was built in the Southern Dynasties (420-589) and became well known in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). During the height of its glory in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), over one thousand monks and nuns practiced Buddhism at this temple. Guanghua Temple was destroyed by fire during the war in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), but had been gradually restored to its former glory during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

Guanghua Temple covers an area of 33 hectares. The buildings are arranged around a central axis, 421 yards long: among these are Screen Wall, Mountain Gate, “Freeing Captive Animal’s Pond”, "Heavenly King Hall”, "Hall of Mahavira”, Depositary of Buddhist Books, and Wofo (Sleeping Buddha) Hall. The Hall of Mahavira is grand and majestic, being regarded as the top one among famous Buddhist temples in Fujian.

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Questions & Answers on Meizhou Island and Guanghua Temple
Asked by PH Quek from MALAYSIA | Sep. 24, 2019 02:01Reply
Is the trip to Meizhou Island wheelchair friendly
We plan to bring our elderly mother to visit Meizhou Island. We need to push her on a wheelchair.
Are there ramps for wheelchairs at the jetties and ferries.
Answers (2)
Answered by Rachel from USA | Sep. 26, 2019 17:51

Sorry, I'm not sure. But the climate and air there are very good for elder and is suitable for visit.
Answered by Ong from SINGAPORE | Nov. 03, 2019 05:06

I’d just visited the island. The jetty is not wheelchair friendly. You need to carry the wheelchair or luggage up and down the stairs for both ends during boarding and getting off the ferry.
Asked by David from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 14, 2019 20:38Reply
I'd like to visit during the annual Mazu Festival. When is it in 2019? Thanks!
Answers (2)
Answered by James from CANADA | Apr. 17, 2019 00:23

As I know, it will be held on Apr.26th, 2019 in Nansha Tianhou Palace.
Answered by David from UNITED KINGDOM | Apr. 17, 2019 03:20

Thanks a lot!
Asked by Lynn from LIM | Mar. 26, 2019 07:13Reply
How to get to Meizhou Island from Fuzhou?
I am taking the train from South Railway Station but am unsure which stop is the nearest to get to MZ Island, is it Putian? If so, when I get out from the Putian station, how do I get to MZ Island to view Matsu Temple?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hank from GERMANY | Mar. 26, 2019 20:57

Yes, you need to get off at the Putian Station. After that, take Bus Line 363 to Wen Jia Wharf, then take a ferry to the island.
Asked by Yuli from INDONESIA | Oct. 16, 2018 02:59Reply
Hi i plan to go to meizhou island from taiwan, can you help me how to go from taiwan ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Danica from USA | Oct. 16, 2018 20:27

First, take the plane from Taiwan to Hong Kong.
Second, via Hong Kong to Putian by high speed train.
Third, take the special bus from Putian high speed railway station to Wenjia Pier.
Finally, take the ship to the island.
Asked by Lynn lim from SINGAPORE | Aug. 21, 2018 23:22Reply
How do i get to putien, Meizhou Island from Xiamen airport?
Hi, im planning to go meizhou island in jan 19 from SG to Xiamen. Any trains available? Any recommendation for hotel in meizhou island im planning to stay for 2 day 1 night.
Answers (1)
Answered by James from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 23, 2018 00:33

First, take a taxi to Xiamen train station. Then, take a bullet train to Putian, which takes about 1h 20h. After arrival, take a taxi to the island.

As for hotels, you can stay in Meizhou International Hotel near the Golden beach along Meizhou Avenue.
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