Dajin Lake and Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area

Dajin Lake

Located in Taining Global Geopark, Fujian Province, Dajin Lake, also called Big Golden Lake, is a national key tourist attraction that combines Danxia Landform (red rock beds) with lake scenery. Due to the construction of a power plant in the upper reaches of Golden Stream, a man-made lake in the shape of a crescent is formed and named "Big Golden Lake".

Dajin Lake scenic spot is famous for its vast lake, tall peaks in various formations and good ecological balance. Covering an area of 53 square miles, the scenic area is comprised of Dajin Lake, Shangqing River and Emei Peak. Dajin Lake is like a beautiful painting with its surrounding red cliffs, fishing boats and farmhouses. Over 180 scenic spots are located in the tourist area, such as "A Gleam of Sky Above Water", Hutou (Tiger Head) Rock, Ganlu (Sweet Dew) Temple and Maoer Mountain.

Cruise the lake and allow yourself to melt into the beautiful scenery. The fabulous Dajin Lake scenic area in Fujian is definitely worth a visit.

Scenic Spot: Admission Fee
Dajin Lake CNY 80 (including CNY 8 for Yequ Garden)
Zhuangyuan (Champion) Rock Scenic Area CNY 34
Maoer Mountain CNY 40

Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area

Located in the north of Yong'an City in Fujian Province, Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area lies along both banks of the Shaxi River. The name "Taoyuan" means fairyland.

Covering an area of 11 square miles, Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area is composed of Taoyuan Cave, Xiuzhu Bend, Baizhang Cliff, Binglu Pool and Geli Scenic Spot. There are over 20 scenic spots including the Statue of "A Gleam of Sky", Taoyuan Cave, Ancient Well, Ancient Village Gate, Immortal’s Chessboard and Wangxiang Platform. Among them, "A Gleam of Sky" is a must see.

There are six so called "A Gleam of Sky" sites in the Taoyuan Cave Scenic Area. Each one is actually a crack between two cliffs formed by the movement of mountains over the years. Like being chopped by an axe, the narrow crack only allows a ray of sunlight to penetrate to the bottom of the mountain.

Over the years, many celebrities have visited this area for its beautiful sceneries and secluded location. Even now, Taoyuan Cave still attracts a large number of visitors every year.

Admission Fees: CNY 60 for Taoyuan Cave
CNY 35 for Geli Scenic Area
CNY 95 for Taoyuan Cave and Stone Forest
CNY 80 for Taoyuan Cave and Geli Scenic Area
CNY 120 for Taoyuan Cave, Geli Scenic Area and Stone Forest
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