Beihai Dining

Beihai is a coastal town located on the southeastern tip of Guangxi Province on the Beibu Gulf. Its seaside location makes for a pleasant escape from the frenetic pace of Chinese cities and it has become a popular tourist destination.

Dining in Beihai naturally focuses on seafood. The best seafood is served on the famed Waisha Island, a narrow strip of land connected by a bridge to the northwestern part of town. Over seventy restaurants (which replaced many of the old, informal food stalls) serve all manner of cuisine including Cantonese, Sichuan, Hunan, Islamic and Western. Restaurants closer to the beach tend to be more expensive than their inland competitors.

For generations the people of the region have enjoyed an enormous variety of seafood. It is said their favorite fish is Shajian. This delicious fish is served in a number of ways-braised, stewed, fried, or even as a soup. Another popular fish is Mannian which is used frequently to make soup or as a main hotpot ingredient. There is a local saying that goes 'Mannian waits mother-in-law' meaning that mother-in-law will be pleased to be served this excellent fish. For fish soup, however, the most popular type is Laohu or 'tiger fish.' It is such a desired delicacy that locals will often call a restaurant in advance to see if it is available. The broth of the soup is milky white and the fish is quite tender.

There are famous local non-seafood dishes available as well. One dish totally unique to Beihai is the Baishao Shachong or sandworm. They are generally cooked to a crispy texture and, despite their appearance are quite tasty. The area is also known for its home-grown roasted chicken with fragrant white meat and golden skin. The Guangxi region is also noted for its rice noodles. Beihai food shops feature these noodles with Nuinan (beef flank) and Zhujiao (pigs' feet) as well as many other dishes and snacks.

Local Restaurants

Danjia Cate Village
Address: No. 4 at Beibu Gulf Road serving Guangdong, Guanxi, and Beihai cuisine
Getting there: Take bus No.8
Operating hours: 09:00 to 24:00

Guangdong Hongyun Seafood & Chicken
Address: No.5 at Haijiao Road serving Guangdong and Beihai cuisine
Getting there: Take bus No.2 or No.8

In addition, Guangzhou Delicacy City located on Yunnan Road and Beijing Diyi Lou located on Waisha Island offer Guangdong and Beijing cuisine. There is no direct bus to the last two restaurants so taking a taxi or motorbike is necessary. Fares are negotiable.

If you want to eat to your heart's content, visit the 'delicacy streets' which abound with a great variety of seafood.
Dongfang Delicacy Street
Address: located on Beibu Gulf Road (East) and providing the pure taste of Guangdong cuisine.
Getting there: Bus No.3 will take you to Beibu Gulf Square and then you can take a taxi or motorbike to Beibu Gulf Road (East).

Venison Barbecue Street
Address: located on Changqing Road and dotted with small shops featuring Jiuji porridge and Vietnamese chicken noodle. When night falls, try delicious barbecue from one of the many food stalls.
Getting there: Bus No.8 will take you to Changqing Road (East) and then you can walk to the food shops.

Western-style Restaurants

Shangri-La Coffee Garden
Address: located at No.33 Chating Road
Recommended dish: High quality western cuisine and southeastern Asian delicacies are available. There is also a buffet offering a wide number of choices.
Getting there: You will need to take a taxi or motorbike to the hotel.

Fast Food

Address: Beibu Gulf Zhong Road beside the Beibu Gulf Square
Getting there: Take bus No.2 or 3 to Beibu Gulf Square and then it's a short walk.

Address: on the ground floor of the Xinli Department Store on Beibu Gulf Zhong Road.
Getting there: Take bus No.2 or 3 to Beibu Gulf Square and then it's a short walk.

Laodifang (old place) Fast Food Restaurant
Address: the first floor of Yunhai Lou on Huayuan Street
Getting there: Take bus No.7
Operating hours: 10:00 – 21:00

Duomeili (so beautiful) Fast Food Restaurant
Address: the first floor of Kaixuan (triumph) International in Beibu Gulf Square
Getting there: Take bus No.2, 5, or 8
Operating hours: 07:00 – 01:00

Luruiji Fast Food Restaurant
Address: No.60 Beijing Road
Getting there: Take bus No. 2
Operating hours: 09:00-23:00

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Asked by Mr.Hansson from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 12, 2009 23:22Reply
I just tried the western restaurant on waisha island at the end of Sichuan road north. Great place and they have just started there Sunday Roast served from Saturday lunchtime untime gone, great meal so get there early. They have a web site that show the whole menu and all specials
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Answered by Mrs.yvonne from AUSTRALIA | Nov. 13, 2009 06:12

Hi Glad to hear you enjoyed beihai looking forward to a roast dinner in china can you suggest a great place to stay , I have been to beihai before did not spend enough time.
Answered by Mr.JASON from CANADA | Nov. 21, 2009 09:03

lai lai tommys is a very unique dinning experience. if your missing home than this is home away from home. greated with great smiles great service and always someone to share a happy time with. I LOVED IT. JASON DASHAN WWW.LEARNENGLISHWITHDASHAN.COM
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