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Beihai is ranked as one of the five most beautiful holiday resorts in China and is famous for its vast sea, long beach, islands, lakes, forests and hills. Many natural scenic spots and historical sites there are under the nation's protection such as Beibu Gulf Square, Xingdao Lake, Silver Beach, Underwater World, Dongpo Pavilion and Wenchang Pagoda. In addition, the islands of Weizhou and Xieyang, located in the Beibu Gulf, are also most attractive and very popular.

Due to the many local scenic spots, three routes are recommended to enable tourists to enjoy the journey and not feel exhausted.

Route No. 1

Beibu Gulf Square → Silver Beach → Underwater World

Beibu Gulf Square

Intro: Situated in the city center, Beibu Gulf Square characterizes the whole city: modern but retaining some traditional features. There is a symbolic sculpture called 'Nanzhuhun' (soul of the southern pearl) standing erect in the square. The white shell measures 15 meters (about 49 feet) high with a ball made of stainless steel like a pearl embedded in its center representing the Pearl City - Beihai. In addition, there are many traditional buildings around the square and sometimes some folk-custom activities are held there for all to enjoy.
Getting there: Take the bus No. 1/2/3/5/6/9/12/13/15/16/17/19/101/102 and get off at Beibu Gulf Square Station.

Beihai Silver Beach

Intro: Located in the southern seashore of the city, the Silver Beach is reputed to be a long beach of 24 km (about 15 miles) with soft white sand and gentle waves. It is a natural spot to bathe and has acquired a name as 'No.1 Beach under Heaven'. When in Beihai, one of the top things to do is to bathe there to enoy the sunshine.
Best Time to Visit: March ~ October
Getting there: City Bus: take bus no.3 /17 at Beibu Bay Square Station and get off at Silver Beach Station.
Tourism Special-Line Bus: get on at Beibu Bay Square Station and get off at Silver Beach Station. The operate time is 15:00-19:00. The ticket is CNY 2/ person.
Taxi: hailing a taxi from downtown area of Beihai City go there costs about CNY 20.

Beihai Underwater World

Intro: Situated in local Seashore Park, Underwater World is a big comprehensive museum which exhibits the halobios. It has two districts: Museum A is the former Aquatic Products Museum which is considered as one of the earliest and largest aquatic products museum together with Qingdao. Museum B is the biggest submarine sightseeing in the southwestern area of China. There are thousands of coral reef fishes swimming in Underwater World with many coming from the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The most breathtaking performance is of the divers dancing with the shark. Additionally, some artificial things are put in the underwater such as the Ancient City of Incas, the porcelain of the ancient Silk Road on the seabed, and the sunken boats of the Second World War.
Getting there: Take bus No. 3 and get off at Haibin Park Station.

Route No. 2

Wenchang Pagoda → Dongpo Pavilion → Xingdao Lake

Wenchang Pagoda

Intro: Wenchang Pagoda built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) can be found in the southern area of Hepu County in the city. It is regarded as one of the best pagodas in the southern part of Guangxi Province.
Admission fee: Free
Getting there: Take the motorbike at Hepu County Bus Station for a distance of 3 kilometers (about 1.8 miles).

Dongpo Pavilion

Intro: Dongpo Pavilion was built in memory of the great poet Su Dongpo in the Song Dynasty (960-1127). There is a Dongpo Well beside the pavilion and at the east side there is 'Dongpo Park'. The cultural background makes the Dongpo Pavilion a famous scenic spot in Hepu City.
Admission fee: Free
Getting there: Take the motorbike at Hepu County Bus Station and stop at Hepu Normal School in the City.

Xingdao Lake

Intro: Located in the Hongchaojiang Reservoir 24km (about 15 miles) northwest of Hepu County, Xingdao Lake is famous for a total of 1026 big and small islands looking like many resplendent stars scattered in the blue lake, thus getting its name Xingdao (star island) Lake. The climate here is very comfortable and tourists can see the blue water wind around the green mountains and the scenery is charming. There is a place called 'Shuihu City' where the teleplay of the Chinese classical masterpiece-The Outlaws of the Marsh -is filmed.
Admission fee: Tour on the boat costs CNY 10; the east section costs CNY 10 and the west section costs CNY 8.
Getting there: Take the quick regular bus to Hepu County from Beihai Bus Station (fare is CNY 5) then take the motorbike to Hepu Cinema where there is a tour bus from Hepu Bus Station leaving once every 40 minutes between 7:00 - 16:40 for Xingdao Lake. At 17:40 the last bus returns to Hepu from Xingdao Lake and costs CNY 3. The bus returning to Beihai from Hepu Bus Station departs every 10 minutes between 6:30 - 21:00 with a fare of CNY 5.

Route No. 3

Weizhou Island → Xieyang Island

Weizhou Island

Intro: Located in the sea area of the Beibu Gulf in the south part and 36 sea miles (about 41 miles) away from city downtown area, Weizhou Island is the biggest extinct volcanic island in China. The scenery on the island is charming and gentle; especially the unusual scenery of volcanic lava and the magnificent crater which is a very rare sight. The marine eroded physiognomy on the island makes many rare mountain ranges and dangerous shoals. When you dive underwater, many life-forms in the sea such as live coral, trumpet shell, jellyfish and starfish come into view giving an illusion of paradise. At the banks of the island you can pay a visit to the Catholic Church or the Sam Po Temple and feel the different culture atmosphere of each. When the weather is fine, you can see the sunrise or sunset on Weizhou Island.
Admission fee: CNY 115 (including all the scenic spots on the island)
Getting there: By sea from Beihai to Weizhou Island on the hourly service and taking a little over 1 hour to make the crossing.
Best time to visit: April ~ November
Tips: By sea is the only way to access Weizhou Island, and it is suggested a round-trip ticket is purchased. When you are on the ship, put on the life jacket which is usually supplied under the seat and pay special attention to the safety instructions. Before your departure, you have to check the weather.

Xieyang Island

Intro: Xieyang Island is a small isle of no more than 2 square kilometers (about 0.8 square miles) located 9 sea miles (about 10 miles) away from Weizhou Island. Standing on Weizhou Island you can see the panorama of the sun slanting & shining on Xieyang (slanting sun) Island which gave it its name - Xieyang Island. On this island you can see the marvelous spectacle of marine eroded and accumulated physiognomy. There is abundant vegetation on Xieyang Island mainly consisting of Masson Pine and Taiwan Acacia. The islanders both on Weizhou Island and Xieyang Island are very honest and they live a simple life. There is no vegetable market on the island, thus each family lives on the fish. If there are fish left, they will put them in the sea water from the bank with no worry of them being stolen.
Admission fee: Free
Getting there: After reaching Weizhou Island by ship, you can then take the yacht or fishing boat.
Best time to visit: April ~ November

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Questions & Answers on Beihai Attractions
Asked by colin from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 18, 2013 03:25Reply
going to beihai in 3 weeks what are some romantic places to visit
Answers (1)
Answered by Ben from USA | Aug. 19, 2013 02:43

I think the Silver Beach and Weizhou Island are suggested.
Asked by ron from USA | Jun. 02, 2013 22:46Reply
I would like to scuba dive in beihai and weishou island, how do I contact dive shop/center
I need to rent gear, tank and the rest of gear
Answers (2)
Answered by Gray from CANADA | Jun. 04, 2013 01:27

I know one located at coral sea area and it is called Weizhou Island Tourism Diving Service Center. But I do not have their contact information.
I heard the dive center or shops can be easily found there, so if you cannot find one, you can ask the hotel staff you live in for help.
Answered by Josius from USA | Aug. 14, 2020 04:07

There used to be a small dive center on the island, but they weren’t professional and got shut down for safety reasons.
Asked by Hok Sum Chan from SINGAPORE | Oct. 26, 2012 07:29Reply
Hi can you advise how to go yo Bama from Singapore. My wife and myself intend to stay over for one month. Please advise regards to our lodging and with is the best time to go. May i know is there snow and what is the weather in December.
Have a Blessed Weeekend.Hok Sum
Answers (1)
Answered by Lucia | Oct. 27, 2012 04:49

You can fly from Singapore to Nanning Airport, then take a taxi to Dabei Passenger Transportation Station and take long-distance bus there to Bama. The best time to go there is in April or November since there is much rainfall from May to October. It seldom snow in Dec. The temperature is usually about 7~16C in Dec there.
Asked by Chan from SINGAPORE | Oct. 23, 2012 08:02Reply
Hotels around Beihai
Hi can some one help me with this few question below. 1. How to go there from Liu Zhou and any hotel recommendation. 2. Can a foreigner buy a house or a apartment and live there. Please advise. Have a Blessed Day
Answers (1)
Answered by Diana | Oct. 24, 2012 21:25

Hi, the train K9301 can take you from Liuzhou to your destination. Or you can go to Liuzhou General Bus Station to take a long-distance bus to your destination, spending about CNY100.
About the apartment there, it is hard to say 'cause the specific regulations varies from one area to another in China. So maybe you can go there and turn to the local real estate for help.
Nice day,
Asked by Peter Ekstrom from SWEDEN | Feb. 12, 2012 09:42Reply
I want to live in Beihei and i want to find an apartment/studio as an artist
I want to live in Beihai as an artist some months of the year. Do know where to look/ agencis etc and what does an apartment cost. Also what kind electricity do they have.
Answers (1)
Answered by Doris | Feb. 15, 2012 02:33

First, you will have to hire an interpretor if you can't understand and speak Chinese, since few of the Real Estate Agencies has staff who can speak English. Better to hire a local one, since he/she may know where to find such agencies. The room rate varies from different part of the city, you have to choose where to stay first.
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