Baiyangdian Lake

Upon mentioning Baiyangdian Lake in the middle of Hebei Province, Chinese people will immediately think of beautiful images of endless reed marshes, fragrant lotus flowers blooming together, waterfowl splashing about in the water, and also the widely known Chinese movie "The Little Soldier Zhangga" which took place in this beautiful land.

Baiyangdian Lake is the largest fresh water lake in the North China Plain. Famed as the "Bright Pearl" in northern China, it covers a large area of 141 square miles and is composed of 143 various shapes and sizes of shallow lakes divided by reed mashes, channels and villages. Among the hundreds of shallow lakes, Baiyangdian Lake is the largest thereby giving the whole area the name, Baiyangdian.

The lake presents different beauties in four seasons. In spring, the water is clear and the reed is fresh green; Mists and ripples stretch far into the distance. In summer, the lotus and water caltrop swing in the wind and the white boats float in the reeds, which make it a nice summer resort to relieve summer heat. In autumn, the cool and dry climate is so pleasant. The local people are busily engaged in catching fishes and crabs. In winter, the snow falls and the lake freezes. The huge natural skating rink becomes children's favorite playground.

The lake presents the uniquely beautiful sight of crisscrossed channels, lotus ponds, reed marshes and fishing villages. When autumn comes, the lake presents a most beautiful and attractive sight. The lush reeds are swaying in the wind, always graceful and elegant. Above the water, all kinds of waterfowl are flying and whistling. On the water, mandarin ducks and wild ducks are swimming in pairs. The water chestnuts are now in season. When night falls and a bright moon rises above the water, Baiyangdian Lake is full of poetic grace. The lamplights in the fishing boats are ablaze with the shimmering water. In this romantic moment, you can make paper boats holding candles in the water and make a wish before sending them off. The glittering boats will carry your wishes gently floating into the distance.

It is also possible to take a little boat and drift down the reed marshes, you will be attracted by the idyllic sights along the water way. Sometimes you can see the cormorants catch fish for their masters. Once hearing the fishermen's whistle, they will immediately stand on both sides of the boat to await orders.

Come to Baiyangdian Lake, you will have an unforgettable experience of pastoral life. 

Scenic Spots
Entrance Charge
CNY 30
Attraction Fees:
Yuanfei Heyuan (Yuanfei Lotus Garden)
CNY 20
Yiguo Fengqing Yuan (Exotic Flavor Garden)
CNY 40
Xiuxian Dao (Leisure Island)
CNY 20
Yuren Leyuan (Fisherman's Fairyland)
CNY 20
Baiyangdian Wenhua Yuan (Culture Garden)
CNY 50
Yuanyang Dao (Mandarin Duck Island)
CNY 20
Baiyangdian Zhichuang (Baiyangdian Window)
CNY 20
Baiyangdian Daguanyuan (Grand View Garden)
CNY 50

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