Shiren Mountain Scenic Area

Shiren Mountain Scenic Area is located in the west of Lushan County in Pingdingshan City, and covers an area of about 268 square kilometers (66,224 acres). The site is famed for its curiously-shaped peaks, tall waterfalls, rich forests, hot natural springs and a long granite glide-slop. The majestic Shiren Mountain lies in the eastern section of the Funiu Mountain range, with its highest peak measuring 2,153 meters (7,064 feet) tall.

The beauty of the area almost defies description. The mountains are dotted with a variety of unique rock formations – some have even claimed them to resemble the likes of people, generals, lotus flowers, fingers and even phoenixes. These wondrous sights are further enhanced by the ever-changing position of clouds and mist, which rest over the peaks like that from a scene in a fairytale.

Beautiful Water Scenery

Springs, streams, waterfalls and deep pools are found throughout the scenic area. The flow of the water from springs has gradually worn away the rock to form streams, winding over their rocky beds, filling the surrounding area with relaxing, tranquil sounds. In its continuing journey over mountain ledges and through deep valleys, the motion of water has slowly given rise to the formation of waterfalls of different shapes and sizes. The most famous one is the Jiuqu Waterfall, which weaves its way round nine of the mountain bends. Another noted waterfall, the Yinxian Waterfall is so narrow that runs like a silver thread over the contours of the rock.

Beneath the waterfalls, hiding in the steep gullies and forests at the mountain foot are a number of hot water springs. Altogether there are five groups of springs, each rich in terms of both with the quality and quantity of its water. The water is said to be good for people's health and can supposedly be used to treat a variety of diseases.

Four Seasons of Shiren Mountain

Conditions on the the mountain vary greatly from season to season. In spring, the birds sing, flowers blossom and the mountain is covered by rich greenery. In summer, white clouds and mist engulf the hilltops, the trees are in full-bloom and the weather is cool and pleasant. In autumn, the colors of the trees and plants turn to that of golden brown. In winter, the mountain is like much of north China-covered in snow, giving the mountain an enchanted look and feel.


The Shiren Mountain is rich in natural resources, playing home to some 1, 211 kinds of plants and a number of rare animals. The forest's wood is heavily populated by metasequoia trees and lichen, marking the remains of a glacier, which has cited by biologists as a prime example of living fossils.

All kinds of pines stand firmly on the mountain's steep cliffs and perilous peaks. In April, different colored azaleas reach full bloom and spread across the mountain to form an ocean of beautiful flowers.

Service facilities at the site are excellent: a 2,000 meter (1.24 miles) long granite glide-slope and two cable car routes serve both the Shiren and Hongfeng Valleys, providing easy access to all parts of the mountain.

1.From April 20th to June 10th, the mountain plays host to the highly-recommended Azalea Festival. At the same time, a number of stunt shows are held to add the fun.
2.The best time to visit the Shiren Mountain Scenic Area is between April to October. 

Getting There:

1.Take a bus from the Lushan County Bus Station or Long-distance Bus to the Shiren Mountain Scenic Area. Between 06:00-18:00, buses leave every 20 minutes.
2.Take a taxi from Lushan County to reach.

Fees: Entrance Fee: CNY 80

Cable Car: CNY 50 (round trip)
                CNY 30 (one way to peak)
                CNY 25 (one way to foot)

Glide Slope: CNY 25
Opening Hours: 09:00-17:30

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Questions & Answers on Shiren Mountain Scenic Area
Asked by Courtney from CHINA | Mar. 05, 2017 20:29Reply
How long does it take to climb Pingdingshan? Are there easier, more difficult routes?
Answers (1)
Answered by Brooklyn from CANADA | Mar. 07, 2017 02:56

Generally speaking, it usually takes 0.5 to 1 hour to climb to the mountain. There is no difficult route. Have fun!
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