Changsha Nightlife

 Footbath Centers
Champs Elysées Foot Care Center
Chinese Pinyin: Xiangxie Lishe Zuyu Baojian Zhongxin
Address: 2/F, Weidu Mansion, No.289 the Second Section of Furong Lu, Tianxin District

Zijing Gong Footbath Center
Address: No.165 Zhongshan Lu, Kaifu District, Changsha

 Bars and Pubs– Jiefang Xilu Bar Street
The three-kilometer long Jiefang Xilu is a street with all sorts of bars and pubs and is another very popular place for Changsha people at night. Although not as prosperous as Sanlitun Pub Street in Beijing, Changsha's bars and pubs have a style that is all their own. Romantic quiet bars, dynamic show bars, teahouses, western style restaurants... People of all ages can find something to meet their particular preference here.

Brief Intro: Graceful and romantic atmosphere, easy listening music, popular with the white-collar 25's to 35's as well as many foreigners
Busy Period: around 10 p.m.
Address: No. 71, Jiefang Xilu
Getting there: Bus No.112, 368
Consumption: Middle, 20-30 yuan/beer

Jin Bi Hui Huang
Brief Intro: splendid palace style decoration, frequented by government officials, noted for its luxury and club shows
Address: Underground of Tianhan Theatre at No. 190, Laodong Xilu
Getting there: Bus No 202 from the railway station
Consumption: Upper-middle

Coffee Hall, Tongcheng Hotel
Brief Intro: traditional Chinese décor and furnishings, a quiet spot for a leisurely coffee or Chinese Kongfu Tea, popular with foreign guests.
Address: No. 149, Shaoshan Beilu
Price guide: 40 yuan for a cup of tea

Brief Intro: Blues, light R&B, a place for relaxation with quiet bars. This venue is one for the girls& ladies
Address: Jiefang Xilu

Brief Intro: Japanese style, simple colors, with a blend of East and West, a place where businessmen like to congregate.
Busy Period: Day Time

Address: No.211, Laodong Xilu
Margaret Chinese& Western Restaurant
First Branch: No. 768, Furong Zhonglu
Second Branch: No. 118 Wuyi Lu
Third Branch: No. 458, Furong Zhonglu

Re Wu Disco
Brief Intro: disco, DJ, show performances
High Period: around 10 p.m.
Address: 2nd floor, Dongfang Hotel, Wuyi Dadao

 Theatres and Cinemas
Hunan Theatre
A famous theatre in the busy downtown area
Address: No. 139, Shaoshan Beilu, at the crossing of Shaoshan Lu and Jiefang Lu

Tianhai Theatre
Address: Laodong Xilu

Silver Palace (Yin Gong) Cinema
Address: Zhongshan Lu, next to Zhongshan Department Store

Changsha Movie City
Address: No. 105, Renmin Zhonglu

Huatian Gym
Address: 3rd floor, Int'l Club of Huatian Hotel

Shennong Gym Center
Address: 5th floor, Shennong Hotel

Furama Gym Center
Address: 1st floor, Furama Hotel

Tongcheng Gym Club
Address: 9th floor, Dolton Hotel

 Night River Tour of Xiangjiang
A current night time favorite with the local people is a river cruise along the beautiful Xiangjiang. As the boat glides along the river the bright lights and charming night scene of the 'Bund' in the city is amazing. At present there is only one recognized craft providing this river tour but an official of Changsha's port bureau has said that the government is planning to launch fifty or so River Buses along the river and without doubt the river cruise is set to become the new style of entertainment in the city.

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