Xuzhou Festivals

Fu Yang Festival
In China, Fu means the hottest days of summer and Yang refers to mutton. Every year from July 16th (the beginning of the Fu) to August 16th in Chinese lunar calendar, Xuzhou people gather in restaurants to enjoy delicious mutton, hence the name of the festival. Of course, there are more interesting activities than just eating mutton. All the restaurant owners including those from the nearby counties assemble in the city, competing to show their particular mutton and other local snacks. Also the performances of local operas, dances, martial arts as well as other folk art shows attract thousands of tourists every year.

Yunlong Mountain Temple Fair
Yunlong Mountain is a famous tourist spot boasting not only beautiful scenery but also profound Buddhism culture. Datuyan temple is a Buddhism temple that holds the sculpture of the Goddess of Mercy. Every year on February 19th, when it is said to be the birthday of the Goddess, many people throng there to make offerings to the Goddess and pray for her blessing. This has gradually formed a temple fair and it attracts more and more tourists with additional amusements like dancing and singing, local snacks and folk handicrafts shows, etc.

International Han Dynasty Culture Festival
The first emperor of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220) Gaozu was born in Xuzhou and this helped the city to become the second political and cultural center during his governing. To spread the profound Han culture, Xuzhou people hold this festival every October in the city. At that time, you can appreciate excellent performances in the style of the ancient Han Dynasty music and dances; feast your eyes on various folk handicrafts shows and enrich your knowledge of the Han Dynasty through visiting the culture relics around the city, such as the Han tombs, the Han terracotta warriors and the stone sculptures.

Flowering Cherry Art Festival
In Xuzhou, there is a flowering cherry forest where nearly two thousand Japanese and Chinese flowering cherries are planted. Every year in March, the flowers bloom flourishingly, making the forest the largest cherry blossoms viewing place in the Huaihai economic development zone of China. Thousands of tourists from China, Japan and other countries come here to appreciate the impressively beautiful scenery.

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