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Pottery Pitcher with Three Legs of Neolithic Age (4000-4700 years ago), unearthed from Liangwangcheng Site in Pizhou

Located at the northern foot of Yunlong Mountain, Xuzhou Museum displays many valuable cultural relics of the Han Dynasty. A large part of exhibits are from the Shizishan Chu King Mausoleum. The rare exhibits are jade garment knitted with fine gold wire, jade dragon, jade coffin, gold belt buckles, a set of silver and gilded bath articles, jade ornaments and many jade ritual objects. Attraction Intro: Xuzhou Museum
  • Pottery Pitcher with Three Legs of Neolithic Age (4000-4700 years ago), unearthed from Liangwangcheng Site in Pizhou
  • Painted Pottery Drum of Neolithic Age (5000-6000 years ago), unearthed from Dadunzi Site in Pizhou
  • Pottery Yan of Western Zhou (1066BC-771BC), unearthed from Miaotaizi in Jawang District
  • Gold Belt Buckle of the Western Han, unearthed from Prince Chu's Tomb in the Lion Hill
  • Jade Garment Knitted with Fine Gold Wire of Western Han (206BC-8AD), unearthed from Prince Chu’s Tomb in the Lion Hill
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Questions & Answers on Xuzhou Museum Pictures
Asked by Mr.Sy | Apr. 11, 2011 04:50Reply
Hi! I will be traveling to Shanghai with my teen kids on April 19-25. Am planning to go outside of Shanghai as well. We'll arrive Shanghai by 12 midnight. Where can we go from there? Do you suggest we stay in Shanghai before heading for Suzhou et al? Thanks so much.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Jamie | Apr. 11, 2011 19:58

Yes, it is suggested that you stay in Shanghai for one night. There is no public transportation could be used to Suzhou at that time!
Asked by Mr.Kellie from AUSTRALIA | Dec. 30, 2009 02:33Reply
I am currently staying in Jiangyin and would like to go to Suzhou for a day trip. Could you please recommend the best way to do this - bus, train or taxi? How long is the trip from Jiangyin to Suzhou? Are there any other places you could recommend for a day trip from Jiangyin? I am also interesting in buying a silk doona - is this best to do in Jiangyin or a city close by?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.JAMESWONG | Jan. 03, 2010 21:53

By bus, Mr Kellie. Jiangyin Ximen Bus Stations have a dozen buses daily to Suzhou South Bus Station. The whole journey is 4 hours or so. Wujiang in Suzhou is such a place producting silk and silk doona stuff. Suggest you buy famous brand in honored store or malls. So, I think the same stuff is not hard to found in Jiangyin too.
Answered by Mr.Hong from CHINA | Feb. 07, 2010 00:56

It is cloudy in Suzhou now
Asked by Mr.SRIDHAR from INDIA | Dec. 20, 2009 08:52Reply
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Jamie | Dec. 21, 2009 01:03

I recommend you go by by train. There is a bullet train from Shanghai to QIngdao and pass Wuxi. The train number is D76 departing from Wuxi at 8:27am and arriving in Qingdao at 17:46. The journey take a bit more then 19 hours.
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