Dalian Nightlife

The various squares Dalian are popular nightlife venues for local people. In the evening, parents with children, young lovers, elder people and sightseeing tourists come to squares to stroll, play tennis and to exercise. They usually stay till midnight.

Though not as flourishing as those in Beijing, bar and pubs close to Wuwu Road and Sanba Square areas in the city are still one of the main choices for local people.

Dalian people have two popular day-time sports - hunting and kart sports. These days, the challenging hunting games have become popular with local people and Jinshi International Hunting Club in Jinshitan Scenic Area is reputed to be the best. The hunting ground provides forest hunting games, target archery and other sports. People satisfy their urge to steal prohibited fruits.

Karting is another fashionable sport in the city and Di Shi Cart Racing Center in the eastern part of the city provides car lovers with a chance to compete.

Last but not least - Dalian people like to go to any of dozens of seaside bathing places or to a enjoy sauna or massage service in a bathing center in the city after work.

Recommended Entertaining Places

Holiday KTV (Hao3 Le4 Di2)
This is the best-known KTV (Karaoke) venue in the city with well-equipped small rooms for private entertaining. A discount is available from Mon. to Fri.
Opening hours: 24/7
Address: No.1 Section A on Xinghai Square
Getting there: Take buses 16, 22, 27, 202, 406, 711, 801 and 901 and get off at Xinghai Exhibition Center stop

Ao Na Movie City
Address: 2nd floor, Heping Square at No. 552, Zhongshan Lu, Shahekou District

Bu Ye Cheng Bowling
Address: Underground 3rd floor, Shengli (Victory) Square

This is a well-known center popular with teenagers with many game machines and establishments. They also have adult mind games and entertainment programmes.
Shengli Square Branch: Underground of Shengli (Victory) Square near Dalian Railway Station

Bars and Pubs

Cross-Country Bar (Yue4 Ye3 Jiu3 Ba1)
Decorated in cool and mysterious style, it is a fashionable place popular with young people.
Address: No. 415, Huanghe Lu, Shahekou District

Tian Hao (Bird Bar)
A music theme bar opened by Bird Band, a former well-known band, who gave country music performances in city bars.
Address: next to Children's Palace, Renmin Square

Max Bar
Renmin Lu, Next Hai Zhi Xiang, Zhongshan District
Dalian, Liaoning

5th Street Disco Pub
155, Youhao Lu, Zhongshan District
Dalian, Liaoning

Korean designed, this is gracefully decorated themed cocktail bar. Bartender and Spark from Korea present fantastic COCK-TAIL Shows
Address: opposite Liangyun Hotel

This is an entertaining venue with performances.
Address: opposite Spark

The Sphinx Bar
Located close to the Hilton, Shangri-La and Furama Hotels, it is a welcome oasis from the hustle and bustle of the neighboring bars.
Address: No.14 Chang Jiang Lu, Zhongshan District

Red Star Bar
Address: Sanba Square, opposite Tianshang Renjian Hotel

Windsor Town
Address: No.201-9 Xinhua Jie, Shaqu District

Square Story Cafe
Address: No.6 of Sanba Square

Venice Bar
Address: opposite International Hotel on Zhongshan Square

Power Hall
Address: Wuwu Lu

- Last updated on Jun. 27, 2022 -
Questions & Answers on Dalian Nightlife
Asked by Derek | Dec. 07, 2017 04:32Reply
Hi on my first trip to Dalian..name of bar street please
Answers (1)
Answered by Julian from NEW ZEALAND | Dec. 07, 2017 19:31

Go to Minzhu Square or Zhongshan Square, where you can find many bars.
Asked by Peter from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 03, 2016 18:34Reply
Is the little street with many bars next to Dalian Shangri-la Hotel still busy - names of the bars!
Answers (4)
Answered by Joe from USA | Feb. 04, 2016 18:38

Yes! You can still find many bars near the hotel, such as Clovers Pub, King Club, and Something Else Bar. Have fun! ;)
Answered by peter from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 04, 2016 18:55

Hi are they in the street along side the Shangri-La - there used to be the old Alice Bar, Guns and Roses and Lisa's (?) Bar......going back next month after a few years break from (happy memories of the bars and friendly 'give you what you want' girls.)
Also around the corner there used to be the Clyde Bar....... many thanks
Answered by Sammy from UNITED KINGDOM | Feb. 05, 2016 03:40

The bars I mentioned above are located nearby the hotel. You can go and get some relaxations. But I cannot find the bars you said on the map. I'm afraid that they may move to other places.
Answered by Peter from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 08, 2016 20:50

Hi Many thanks - I will explore next month. Out of the Dalian bar circuit for last three years - any nice, friendly bar girl mobile numbers available? Would be good!!!
Asked by leiya from LEBANON | Jun. 13, 2015 06:24Reply
I'd like to know if there is any outdoor bars or drinking places in Dalian!
Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Kelly from INDONESIA | Jun. 13, 2015 21:36

I just know the Wanheng Holiday Hotel has an outdoor bar. The hotel is located at no. 260, Bayi Road, Xigang District. You can go for a try. Also during the China International Beer Festival, which happens during the last Thursday and the following 12 days, a large outdoor bar at Xinghaiwan Square attracts many people.
Asked by Mike from GERMANY | Mar. 06, 2015 09:51Reply
Any english premier league football shown live in Dalian, China ? Pubs/Bars?
Answers (2)
Answered by Edwin from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 06, 2015 20:21

Oh, yes. There are many night clubs and bars that can provide Premier League football shows in this city. Most of them are located nearby Sanba Square, Zhongshan District. You can go and see.
Answered by Alex from GERMANY | Feb. 27, 2016 19:21

Do you have the names and locations of the sport bars, Mike?!
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