Dalian Travel Tips

Basic Facts

Area: 12,374 square kilometers (4,777 square miles), urban area of 2415 square kilometers (932 square miles)
Population: 5,627,521 (by the second quarter of 2005)
Dialing Code: 0411
Postal Code: 116011
Government Location: Xigang District
Administrative Area: six districts of Xigang District, Zhongshan District, Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District, Lushunkou District, Jinzhou District and 3 municipal cities of Wafangdian, Pulandian and Zhuanghe and Changhai County

As of Jan. 1, 2018, the 144-hour visa-free transit scheme has been implemented in Liaoning for citizens from 53 countries and regions including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, etc., and Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport is one of the entry / exit ports.


Situated on Liaodong Peninsular, Dalian borders the Yellow Sea to the north. The bustling downtown area and most sights are located in the eastern part of the city. The governmental and commercial centers are around Zhongshan Square and Renmin Square. The southwestern part of the city is the university district. The northern part of the city is the newly developing zone where Dailian's Economic and Technology Zone located. The southern coastal area has many beach attractions.

The railway station is centrally located and the ferry terminal is in the eastern end of the city. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is ten kilometers (6.2 miles) southwest to the city center.

The city area is not very large and sights, hotels and shopping places are not very far from each other. A walking trip throughout the downtown is quite easy. A taxi, ride around the most popular sites in the downtown area would cost about 20 yuan.


English city maps are well organized with detailed information of locations and sights, travel arrangement information and useful telephone numbers.


The downtown Bank of China has two branches close to Zhongshan Square, where you can exchange money. One branch is on the north side of the Square, the other is two blocks to the south. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and most hotels in the city have money exchange services as well. Rates at hotels might not be as good as those in the Bank of China. Some hotels only exchange currency for their own guests. For more info on money please visit our Money page.

Post & Telecom

The post office is located in the northwestern part of Zhongshan Square.


 Dalian Municipal Center Hospital
Address: No. 826, Xinan Lu, Shahekou District
Getting there:
Bus 25 from the western gate of Xinghai Park [Western Area], get off at Municipal Center Hospital stop
Bus 405 from Zhongshan Square [Downtown], get off at Chunliu stop
Bus 411 from Qingniwajie [Railway Station Area], get off at Chunliu stop
Bus 611 from Renmin Square [Downtown], get off at Chunliu stop
Emergency Center: 0411-84438358

 Dalian Friendship Hospital
This hospital is one of the three accident and emergency centers in the city.
Address: Sanba Square
Telephone: 0411-82713281 (daytime), 0411-82714346 (night period)

 Dalian Herbal Medical Hospital
Address: No. 321, Jiefang Lu, Zhongshan District
Telephone: 0411 - 82681738 ext. 2041, 2033

 Children's Hospital
Address: No. 154, Zhongshan Lu, Xigang District


 Dalian University of Technology (DUT)

It is one of the key universities under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education in China. Authorized by the State Ministry of Education in China, the School of International Cultural Exchanges in this university enrolls overseas students.

Contact Information
Contact Address: School of International Cultural Exchanges Dalian University of Technology
Person to Contact: Ms. Zhang Xi'an Mr. Zhang Lei

 Dalian Maritime University
Address: No.1 Linghai Lu, in the western end of the city

 Dalian Medical University
Address: No.465, Zhongshan Lu, Shahekou Dirstrict

 Dalian University of Foreign Languages
Address: 94 Yan'an Lu, Zhongshan District

 Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
Address: No. 217, Jianshan Jie, Shahekou District

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Questions & Answers on Dalian Travel Tips
Asked by prof from PAKISTAN | Apr. 28, 2019 09:56Reply
How to reach Medical University from Dalian Airport/ Railway station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Anna from AUSTRALIA | Apr. 28, 2019 20:25

From Airport: Take Bus Line 1101 to Jianshe Street and then walk west about 150m to Zhanbei Square to take Bus Line 2002 to Xueyuan Station. Get off the bus, you can see the university. It takes about 1.5 hours.

From the Main Railway Station: Walk west 360m to Zhanbei Square to take Bus Line 2002 directly to Xueyuan Station. The duration is around 1 hour.
Asked by valya boo | Mar. 22, 2014 04:37Reply
How can i contact Dalian Municipal Friendship Hospital?
Answers (1)
Answered by Pat | Mar. 23, 2014 04:09

It is located at No. 193, Lianhe Road, Shahekou District.
Asked by Laurence from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 24, 2013 01:03Reply
I will go to Dalian this week and I need to get to the DUT campus from the railway station.
The train comes in at 10 in the evening, is there any public transport I could use to get there? Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mindy from RUSSIA | Aug. 24, 2013 03:59

Yes, you can walk to the nearby Xiwang Square bus stop, which is around 900m from the railway station, to take bus no. 406 to the campus directly.
The bus will not stop its operation until 23:00. Don't worry!
Asked by gerald from SOUTH AFRICA | Aug. 08, 2013 13:07Reply
how far is dalian from southeast university and how is dalian university

Answers (1)
Answered by Giffy from ITALY | Aug. 08, 2013 22:41

Southeast University is in Nanjing, which is around 1,900km from DL city.

DL university is a good one. It has and is developing well. According to official statistics, its employment rate is very high. For some good majors, 100% students are employed.
Asked by Mr.khan from PAKISTAN | Mar. 24, 2011 11:51Reply
could anyone let me know how far pulandian is from dalian,,,does there any unique place in pulandian to visit...wts the speciality of pulandian?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Hank | Mar. 24, 2011 21:30

The distance from Dalian to Puliandian is about 53km, taking about 1 hours to get there by bus. Haven't found too much specialities here~
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