Tengchong Volcano Park & Hot Sea

Tengchong Volcano Park

Tengchong Volcano Park is located in the western parts of the Gaofenggong Mountains in the Hengduan Range. Lying at the edge of the Eurasian Plate, the cluster movement in this area is very active. The volcanoes were formed when lava, ashes and smoke were emitted during severe earthquakes.

Around Tengchong County, there are over 70 volcanoes, large and small. Tengchong County was constructed on the cooled and solidified lavas emitted from the Laifeng Mountain, the oldest volcano in the cluster. Daying Mountain, measuring 8,576 feet above sea level, is the tallest of the volcanoes, with a crater over 328 feet deep and a diameter of 328 yards. Because of its high altitude and verdant scenery, it is also known as the “Small Mount Fuji”. Around Mazhan Village, about six miles northwest of Tengchong County, there are several volcanic cones. Among them, Dakong Mountain, Xiaokong Mountain and Heikong Mountain lay north to south in intervals about 1,093 yards. The surrounding dammed lakes, crater lakes and other unique volcanic sights form the largest natural dormant volcano museum in China.

How to get to Tengchong Volcano Park

1. Take buses from Tengchong Bus Station to Mazhan Township, and then walk about 300 meters to the park entrance. It costs CNY5 for a single trip. 
2. Take a taxi to the entrance of the park directly. It costs CNY 60.
Admission Fee: CNY 35
Hot-air Balloon: CNY 180 for a 20-minute ride (available only before 10:30 every day)

Tengchong Hot Sea

Due to the movement of many volcanoes in the area, Tengchong County is rich in geothermal resources. In fact, Tengchong County is one of three most famous geothermal areas within China. The grandest view of the area is the Hot Sea, which lies 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) from the southwest of the county’s center.

The Hot Sea is a valley of steaming gas pouring out from thick forests, cliffs, grounds and rivers. Covering an area of nine square kilometers (2,223.9 acres), this tourist resort contains more than 80 hot spring groups of hot water and vapor, 14 of the springs reach a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius (197 degrees Fahrenheit).

The ‘big boiling pot’ is well-known in the area. It can reach 97 degrees Celsius (206.6 degrees Fahrenheit), is one point five meters (16.4 feet) deep and about three meters (9.8 feet) in diameter. Its water boils and rolls day and night with steaming vapors across all four seasons. The waterfall in Zaotang River, a fountain from a rock’s gap resembling a toad’s mouth is also well known. Many bathhouses and nursing homes are built around the Hot Sea, so tourists can have a steam bath as part of their medical treatment.

There are many hot springs located throughout the world; however, the Hot Sea is regarded as a natural geothermal wonder due to the number and geothermal energy of the springs concerned.


1. It is better to visit the Hot Sea in the early morning or in cool seasons due to its high temperature. 
2. Additional fee will be charged if you prefer to take a bath in any hot spring.

How to get to Tengchong Hot Sea

1. Take a minibus at the Baoshan City Passenger Station to Tengchong County. There are Special-line Tourist Buses to the Hot Sea in Tengchong County.
2. It costs about CNY 30 from the Tengchong County to the Hot Sea by taxi.

Admission Fee: CNY 50
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How much time do you need for Volcano Park and Hot Sea?
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Generally speaking, you can spend one or two days to tour around these scenic areas.
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