China Puer Tea Exhibition Garden

Puer tea is the signature tea of Yunnan Province. If you love tasting this tea with fullness of flavor, it is suggested to visit the China Puer Tea Exhibition Garden in Yunnan Province.

Located at the Yingpan Mountains, 34km (21mi) from Cuiyun District of Puer City, and near Puer National Park, the China Puer Tea Exhibition Garden covers an area of 24,167mu (1,611ha). It is an ideal place for growing Puer Tea because of the pleasant climate and great environment. There you can enjoy tea-leaves picking, processing, and exquisite drinking art, as well as buying some to bring home.

Upon entering the scenic area, the terraced green ribbon-like route extents and brings you to the picturesque tea garden. Walking along the zigzag road to the top point of the garden – Tea Enquiry Tower, a three layered building with classical decorations, where you can have a good bird’s eye view of the tea paradise. Then you will see the Puer Tea Museum, which houses many pictures and artifacts related to Puer Tea culture. Besides, there is a village in the garden, composed of typical dwelling houses of five minority groups, such as the Dai, Wa, Yi, Lahu and Hani, where you can appreciate their unique tea culture. Listening to the special ethnic songs and dancing with them will bring you great enjoyment. It would be joyful to have fun at a campfire party at night. Perhaps you will be fortunate to witness the local traditional marriage custom. Next to the village is Jiahuifang, which holds many classical-style buildings. You can buy tea products and relevant wares there.

The Puer Tea Processing Workshop is located in the tea-covered mountain suffused with faint scent of tea trees. During the end of February and end of November, go there to experience the local tea growers picking the tea leaves while singing folk songs.   You can also pick tea leaves and participate in its making process. After that, don’t miss the Tea Ancestor Hall, where the sculptures of the tea sage Lu Yu are worshipped which are the ancient Puren (one of the southern tribes before Qin Dynasty (221 BC-206 BC)) and Ba Yanleng who was the primitive discoverer of tea cultivation.

Come here if you are tired of the fast pace of modern life. Visit the exhibition garden and the wind of the green sea will blow away all your worries. The local hospitable minority groups have already prepared the best Puer tea for you. Have a cup of green tea, and you will be refreshed immediately by its clear fragrance!

 Recommended travel route and duration on each:
Half an hour on Tea Enquiry Tower (Wen Cha Lou) – 20min on Puer Tea Museum – half an hour on the minority villages – 30-40min on Puer Tea Processing Workshop – 20min on Puer Tea Appreciation Garden (Pin Jian Yuan) – 10min on Tea Ancestor Hall (Cha Zu Dian) – Tea House – Relaxation and Enjoyment Zone (Xi'an Yi Ju). 

Admission Fee CNY50
Opening Hours  08:30 – 17:30
Recommended Travel Duration  2-3 hours
Transportation  There are regular buses operating between Puer Hongfeng Coach Station and Yingpanshan from 08:30 to 17:00 every half an hour to an hour. Upon getting off, walk to the exhibition garden. Buses for the return journey are scheduled from 07:00 to 14:00.
(Note: Bus schedule is just for reference. It may change from time to time.)
Best Tea-leaves Picking Season  Spring tea leaves in dry season: from end of February to mid May
Rainy season tea leaves: from end of May to end of September
Autumn tea leaves: from end of September to end of November
Note: It is best to pick around half an hour after sunrise.

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