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High/Low Temperatures of Ningbo
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Average Temperatures of Ningbo
Average Temperatures Graph for Ningbo
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Ningbo Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

Subjected to the subtropical monsoon climate, Ningbo boasts warm and moist weather. The annual mean temperature is only 16.2C (61.16F). The highest month mean temperature is 28.8C (83.84F) in July; the lowest month mean temperature is 4.6C (40.28F). The annual average rainfall is 1400 millimeters (55 inches) and mainly concentrates in June and September. Ningbo weather is usually rainy during May and June. The temperature is moderate while the humidity is quite high. In September, typhoons are frequent.

Owing to the pleasant climate of Ningbo, four seasons are available for tours. During May, the Waxberry Festival in Henghe Town provides a good opportunity to enjoy fresh waxberry and delicious waxberry wine. Every mid September in Shipu Fishing Port, the celebration of the start of nation's fishing season is exciting, including the thousand-boat-starting ceremony, offering sacrifices to the sea, evening parties and so on. In addition to these festivals, the Siming Mountain and Songlan Mountain are perfect places in summer. In winter, the Nanxi Hot Spring is a wonderful place to relax.

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