China-South Korea Cruise

As China is close to South Korea in distance, one can reach there from a Chinese coastal city by ship within 24 hours. Although it is convenient by ship from China to South Korea, passengers should acquaint themselves with some cruise essentials before departure.

 Schedule for Ships Plying between China and South Korea

Ships depart from; Shanghai, Lianyungang, Rizhao, Qingdao, Shidao, Rongcheng, Weihai, Yantai, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Yingkou, Dalian and Dandong Ports to South Korean cities such as Inchon, Pyongtaek and Mokpo. Click to get the China-South Korea Cruise schedule.


China-South Korea Cruise Map


1. Arrival at the port in China:
Passengers should arrive at the port two or three hours in advance to transact the procedures. The procedures include filling in an embarkation card and health declaration form that must be submitted before leaving the country while checking in.

2. Pay the port construction charge: (one to two hours in advance)
You pay the port construction charge (CNY 30) at the window of the Marine Bureau located in the port. At the same time, passengers must show their passport and ticket to obtain their boarding pass on which the cabin number is printed.

3. Luggage's check in:
After the check-in procedure, passengers can take their passport and boarding pass to check in any unaccompanied luggage at the luggage check-in counter. You will obtain a claim tag after the check in procedure.

4. Enter the departure lobby:
Under the guide of the staff or the broadcast, passengers may enter the departure lobby after the staff has checked your passport and boarding pass (One hour before embarkation).

5. Customs inspection:
Passengers will be inspected by the customs staff.

6. Safety Check:
Show your passport, boarding pass, and the quarantine declaration form to the inspector. A stamp will be affixed on the passport after this check.

7. Waiting for the ship:
Wait for the regular bus in the waiting room or stroll and shop in the tax-free shop there.

8. Boarding the ship:
A bus will take the passengers to the boarding place.

9. In the cabin:
Before the ship arrives in Inchon, passengers should fill in the declaration form for the accompanied goods, immigration application form, and quarantine questionnaire.

10. Disembarking from the ship:
After arriving at the destination, passengers should disembark from the ship in good order. There are regular buses to take you from the disembarking place to the port.

1. If passengers wish to take pets to South Korea by sea, you must obtain a veterinary inspection certificate in China before departure. Different ship companies may have different regulations regarding taking pets, so you should contact the shipping company to confirm that your pet will be accommodated.
2. We are sorry that the booking service for this cruise is not available at present.

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