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Tianjin - Japan  - Yanjing Ship

The Yangjin sails through the Bohai and Yellow (Huanghai) Seas past South Korea onto the inland seas of Japan. During the trip, passengers can see Cheju Do, an island off the southern tip of the South Korean peninsula. The ship also sails through the Kanmon Strait, a stretch of water separating the Japanese islands of Honshu and Kyushu. Near the end of the trip passengers can see the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge (aka Pearl Bridge) that links Kobe and Iwaya, a town on Awaji Island. Akashi-Kaikyo is the longest suspension bridge in the world, its center span measuring over 1,990 meters (1.2 miles).

Schedule (Yanjing Ship)

Route Embarkation Procedure Departure Time Immigration in Shidao, Weihai Arrival Time
Tianjin⇌Kobe Friday 19:00-20:00 Friday 23:00 Saturday 
Monday 09:30/10:00
Wednesday 11:00  ---- Friday 15:30 on Sunday
1. The ship is 148 yards long and 22 yards wide and features Japanese and Chinese restaurants. A chess and card room; game room; library and cocktail lounge are available. The ship's capacity is 399 passengers. The fare ranges from CNY5,250 to 1,540 (one-way trip) according to different cabin classes. Price in detail.
2. Since the schedule is subject to change, please check before departure.


1. Boarding: Board the ship at the Passenger Transport Station at the Tianjin Port in Tanggu District. (The station faces the Haiyuan club of Xingang). You can reach the station by taxi or you can take the Tianjin-Qinhuangdao train which departs daily at 07:38 from the Tianjin Railway Station. Get off the train at Tanggu station at 08:06 and take bus 102 to its destination.

2. Port Charge: Passengers must pay a port charge of CNY 30. There is an additional air-conditioning fee charged during the summer.

3. Embarkation Procedure: Tickets will be examined at the Waiting Hall followed by payment of the port charge. Passengers must then go through the embarkation checkpoint. That is followed by checking of the luggage and then embarkation.

4. Trip Cancellation: Some sailings may be cancelled or postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Passengers are entitled to either a full or half refund of the fare depending on the circumstances.

5. Passport/Visa: Passengers should be certain their passport and visa are in order. All passengers (except Japanese tourists) must complete the disembarkation card before arriving in Kobe to ensure successful entry into Japan.

6. Passengers with OPEN ticket should comfirm their cabins by contacting the cruise company before Monday in case of any troubles.

Tianjin-South Korea  - Jinchon Ferry

Schedule (Jinchon Ferry)

Route Embarkation Procedure Departure Time Arrival Time
Tianjin⇌Inchon 09:00-10:00 11:00 on Thursday and Sunday 12:00 the next day
11:00-12:00 13:00 on Tuesday 13:30 on Wednesday
17:00-18:00 19:00 on Friday 18:30 on Saturday
Coffee house, club, and Kara OK rooms are available. The ship's capacity is 800 passengers. The fare ranges from CNY1,590 to 888 (one-way trip) according to different cabin classes. Price in detail.


1. Passengers are suggested to get to the port for check-in and immigration two hours in advance and finish embarkation one hour before departure. Pay CNY30-32 for the port charge. 

2. Baggage: Each passenger is allowed to bring two pieces of lugguage (ordinary size) free of charge. 

3. Passengers with OPEN ticket should comfirm their cabins by contacting the cruise company 7 days in advance in case of any troubles. The open ticket is valid in 6 months after the day the ticket is solt out.

Other Tianjin-South Korea & Japan Cruises

After the Costa Cruises operated journeys from Tianjin Port to Japan and South Korea, the Royal Caribbean International started the first cruise from Tianjin in 2010. The Royal Carribbean come back to China again in 2011 with Tianjin, Shanghai and Hong Kong as its homeports. Passengers can expect wonderful cruises on Royal Caribbean ship from Tianjin to Seoul, Nagasaki, Busan, Okinawa, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama.

Note: We are sorry that the booking service for this cruise is not available at present.

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Questions & Answers on Tianjin - South Korea & Japan Cruises
Asked by Nick from UNITED KINGDOM | Oct. 12, 2017 14:26Reply
Can you get a boat from Tianjin to Kobe?
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from SINGAPORE | Oct. 12, 2017 21:00

Yes, you can take the cruise from Tianjin Port to Kobe Port. As I know, the schedule is 20:00. The reference price is around CNY 1,300 per person.
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