Embassy of Bahrain in China

Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in Beijing

Ambassador: H.E. Ms. Bibi Sayed Sharaf Al-Alawi
Address: 10-06, Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Residence Compound, No. 22, Dong Fang Dong Road
Postal Code: 100600
Tel: (+86)10 6532 6483, 6532 6485, 6532 6486
Fax: (+86)10 6532 6393, 6532 6435
E-mail: Kingdombahrain@yahoo.cn

 Trade Office
Address: B22 Apartment Garden, King's Garden Villa, No.18, Xiao Yun Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: (+86)10 64681363, 64681367
Fax: (+86)10 64681135

 Visa Tips

  1. Visit visa and work visa should be applied to the Embassy of Bahrain in advance. The on-site tourist visa can be applied at International Airport.
  2. For Chinese citizens who will go just for tourism, the Visit Visa and Visit eVisa are available. Followings are the conditions of these two types for reference:
Grant Condition Entry Stay
Visit Visa 1. issued on arrival at any entry point
2. fee is charged by the Passport Office on arrival and a receipt is issued
3. cannot violate the national welfare and security
1. any paid employment in Bahrain is not allowed
2. be able to support yourself (and any dependents) during the travel
3. passport should be valid for length of time you are in this country, or the length of visa
4. for Visit eVisa, the valid confirmed onward ticket is required
1. the visa can be used only once for a single entry
2. 2 weeks is allowed to stay in this country
Visit eVisa (valid in 30 days) 1. Applicant should be outside Bahrain for application
2. Issued on Internet
3. fee is charged on Internet and no receipt is issued
4. cannot violate the national welfare and security

Capital: Manama
King: Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa
Area: 706.5 square kilometers (273 square miles)
Population: 690,000
Language: Arabic is the official language, but English is widely used
Religion: Islam

Currency: Dinar
English Newspaper: Gulf Daily News and Bahrain Tribune
Time Zones: GMT +3
Country Dialing Code: +973
Electrical Plugs: 230V 50Hz

Bahrain is an island country located in the middle of Qatar and Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf. It is just 28 kilometers (17 miles) to the west coast of Qatar and 24 kilometers (15 miles) to the east coast of Saudi Arabia. The whole country consists of 36 islands and islets among which the Bahrain Island is the largest one.

  Please contact China Embassy in Bahrain if this country's citizens will go to China.

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