Embassy & Consulate of Iran in China

Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Beijing

Ambassador: H.E. Mr. Javad Mansouri
Address: No. 13, Dong Liu Jie, San Li Tun
Postal Code: 100600
Tel: (+86)10 6532 2040, 6532 4870, 6532 4871, 6532 4872, 6532 4873
Fax: (+86)10 6532 1403

 Entry Regulations
1. Tourists can bring personal effects to enter the border. Some expensive items must go through customs declarations. The customs officers will write down the items. The recorded expensive items are prohibited from selling in Iran and must be presented to the customs officers when exit. Tourists have to present an evidence of reporting the loss in the event that the declared expensive items lost or were stolen.

2. Alcohols, pork and other foods made from pork are prohibited from entering the border. Tourists who bring such goods will be punished once they were detected.

3. Other goods forbidden from entry include gambling devices, hallucinogenic drugs, firearms, pornography, and other books and videos smearing Islam and the image of Iran.

4. Tourists who bring animals or plants have to undergo the quarantine inspection at the port animal and plant quarantine offices.

5. Iran has a tight control of money and currency. Tourists have to submit currency declare forms to the offices of the Iranian bank at the airport.

 Exit Regulations:
1. Every tourist who exits from Iran is allowed to take at most ten kilograms of pistachio nuts, 200 grams of saffron, and 150 grams of gold and 3,000 grams of silver. Tourists who take caviar have to present the invoice when leaving the country.

2. Those tourists who head towards Syria and the United Arab Emirates are not allowed to take pistachio nuts, saffron and carpets out of its border.

3. Every tourist is allowed to take a maximum area of 6 square meters' Persian carpets when he/she leaves.

4. Every tourist can take a maximum amount of 1,000 $ in cash when he/she leaves. Tourists who take more cash must present evidences issued by the Iranian banks.

5. Tourists are forbidden from take the following goods out of Iran: antiques, rare editions, weapons, ammunition, military equipments and drugs.

 Please contact China Embassy in Iran if Iranians will go to China.

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