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Juyongguan Great Wall Tickets Booking
Juyongguan Great Wall
From CNY18/US$3 per person
  • The most magnificent pass in the world
  • On list of the Eight Famous Scenic Spots in Beijing
  • A chance to challenge one of the most precipitous parts of China Great Wall
  • Explore full-functioned ancient Chinese defensive system
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Entering Time
  • Adult: Age 18+
  • Admission Ticket [Apr to Oct]
  • Child: Age 6-18
  • Admission Ticket [Apr to Oct]
Important Notice
1. Free of charge for children under 120cm or under 6 years old.
2. Seniors over 60 years old can exchange free tickets on spot at ticket office by showing passports.
Opening Hours
08:30-16:30 (Check-in stops at 16:00)
What to Expect
Juyongguan Great Wall is one of the most well-known pass along the whole sections of Great Wall. By virtue of precipitous mountains, it played an irreplaceable role in military defense and was the unbreakable door in the north of ancient Beijing. Therefore, it was given the name "The Most Magnificent Pass in the World".

Literally, you can picture how steep the Great wall is, which is indeed its most significant feature. The wall is embraced by winding mountains; slopes are carpeted by layers of foliage in jade green; and in ravines, blooming flowers are scattered here and there which highlighted the whole painting. In a word, for people who are fond of climbing, Juyongguan Pass is truly a good choice. Although it could take you some efforts to manage the whole route which covers more than 4000 meters, the scenery in company do worth it.

Juyongguan Great Wall
Juyongguan Great Wall

Besides, you can learn about ancient Chinese military defensive system. The Southern and Northern Arched Citadels Towel, Water Gate and the Pass itself, altogether, they perform a full-functioned defensive system.

If you have a fancy for stone carving, you may find extra bonus at "Cloud Platform" in the center of the pass, which used to be the base of a pagoda built in Yuan Dynasty. Though the building was already destroyed, many stone carving masterpieces of Yuan Dynasty survived. You will definitely be astonished by the vivid view of Buddha's floating sleeves and the details of Buddha's face, hair and gestures.
Additional Info
S216 Provincial Highway, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing
How to get to Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall?
 By Subway:
Subway Changping Line-Changping Station, Exit B. Walk about 150m to Changping South Ave. Bus Station to take bus No. 655 to Nankoulukou South, cross the street, and then take bus No. Chang 20 to the Great Wall.

 By bus:
Take bus No. 919 from Deshengmen to Juyongguan Great Wall.

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