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Qinghe Zhan ↔ Changping Xishankou

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Beijing Subway Changping LineThe Beijing Subway Changping Line, also known as Line 27, was first opened in 2010 and extended several times. It is 43.1 km (26.8 mi) long and has 18 stations. The Changping Line starts from Jimenqiao in Haidian District in the south and ends at Changping Xishankou in Changping District in the north, connecting the suburban Changping area with downtown Beijing. It operates from 4:59 to 0:00 and it takes around 50 minutes for a single trip of the whole line.

It passes through Shahe Higher Education Park, Zhuxinzhuang and other densely populated areas, bringing convenience to the transportation of passengers from Changping to the central city, and also facilitating tourists from the downtown to reach the Ming Tombs Scenic Area of Changping.

See subway maps for reference.


Station To Changping Xishankou To Xitucheng
First Train Last Train
(whole trip)
First Train Last Train
(whole trip)
Last Train
(to Zhuxinzhuang)
Changping Xishankou -- -- 4:59 22:50 23:35
Shisanling Jingqu (Ming Tombs) 5:42 0:19 5:01 22:52 23:37
Changping 5:38 0:15 5:05 22:56 23:41
Changping Dongguan 5:35 0:12 5:08 22:59 23:44
Beishaowa 5:33 0:09 5:10 23:01 23:46
Nanshao 5:29 0:06 5:13 23:04 23:49
Shahe Gaojiaoyuan 5:24 0:01 5:18 23:09 23:54
Shahe 5:21 23:58 5:21 23:12 23:57
Gonghuacheng 5:18 23:55 5:24 23:15 0:00
Zhuxinzhuang 5:14 23:51 5:04 23:20 --
Shengming Kexueyuan 5:29 23:47 5:07 23:23 --
Xi'erqi 5:23 23:41 5:13 23:29 --
Qinghe Zhan (Qinghe Railway Station) 5:21 23:39 5:17 23:32 --
Qinghe Xiaoyingqiao 5:33 23:33 5:22 23:38 --
Xuezhiyuan 5:29 23:30 5:25 23:41 --
Liudaokou 5:27 23:27 5:28 23:44 --
Xueyuanqiao 5:24 23:25 5:30 23:46 --
Xitucheng 5:22 23:22 -- -- --


2-3 minutes during rush hours and 8-10 minutes at other times.


 Zhuxinzhuang: Transfer with Line 8
 Xi'erqi & Qinghe Zhan (Qinghe Railway Station): Transfer with Line 13
 Xitucheng: Transfer with Line 10


Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' Subway Transfer Stations)

 Changping Xishankou
Surroundings: Wanxi Road, Nanjian Road, Changping Campus of Peking University, Crouching Tiger Mountain, Jiuxi Road, Ming Tombs Primary School
Bus Routes: 949, Chang 68, C117, Chang 53

 Shisanling Jingqu (Ming Tombs)
Surroundings: Jingyin Road, Changchi Road, Beijing-Baotou Expressway, Changping Campus of Union University, Honggaoliang Village Tourist Area

Surroundings: Zhengfu Street, Dongbuhu Street, Changping Commercial Building, Fengmao International Office Building, Changping District Government, Randiankeng Hutong, Industrial & Commercial Bank, South Gulou Street, Agricultural Bureau of Changping District, Changping Park
Bus Routes: 345, 655, 870, H54, Chang 11, Chang 21, Chang 52, Chang 59, Chang 66, 121, Zhuan 106

 Changping Dongguan
Surroundings: Longshui Road, Fuxue Road, Jian’anli Community, Hangzhou Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Changcui Road, Holiland, Green Town Community, Minsheng Bank, Merchants Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Jinyu Jiaheyuan Community, Jiuzhou Hospital, Ningxinyuan Community, Fudi Jiayuan Community, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Industrial & Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 643, 922, 962, C104, Chang 13, Chang 16, Chang1, Chang 22, Chang 2, Chang 65, Chang 68, Chang 70, Zhuan 106

Surroundings: Changcui Road, West Inner Ring Road
Bus Routes: 885, 889, 962, C111, C119, H54, Chang 11, Chang 21, Chang 28, Chang 31, Chang 37, Chang 51, Chang 59, Chang 63, Chang 67, Jiao 80

Surroundings: Nanshao Town Government, Nanshao Central Primary School, Nanshao Middle School
Nearby Bus Stops: Nanshao, Nanshao Subway Station
Bus Exchangeable: 870, Chang 31, Chang 59

 Shahe Gaojiaoyuan
Surroundings: Shanhe University Park, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beihang University
Nearby Bus Stops: Dawa Cun, Shanhe University Park Subway Station
Bus Exchangeable: C104, Chang 52, Chang 58, Zhuan 135, Zhuan 73, Zhuan 74

Surroundings: China Foreign Affairs University Shahe Campus, Beijing Science Technology and Management College
Nearby Bus Stops: Science Technology and Management College (Ke Ji Jing Ying Guan Li Xue Yuan)
Bus Exchangeable: 670, 945, Chang 19, Chang 52, Chang 66, 125, 126, Zhuan 70, Zhuan 95

Surroundings: Changping Binhe Forest Park
Nearby Bus Stops: Dongyicun, Gonghuacheng Subway Station
Bus Exchangeable: Zhuan 66

Surroundings: Beijing University of Agriculture
Nearby Bus Stops: Zhuxinzhuang
Bus Exchangeable: 463, 880, C123, Chang 19, Chang 73, Zhuan 32, Zhuan 49

 Shengming Kexueyuan
Surroundings: Life Science Park, Beijing University of Agriculture
Nearby Bus Stops: Life Science Park (Sheng Ming Ke Xue Yuan), Shigezhuang
Bus Exchangeable: 417, 543, 560, 608, 617, 871, 878, 153, 202, 203, Zhuan 134

Surroundings: one P+R car park
Nearby Bus Stops: Xi'erqi
Bus Exchangeable: 509, Zhuan 128

 Qinghe Zhan (Qinghe Railway Station)
Surroundings: Qinghe Railway Station, Yimei Jiayuan Community, Dangdai Chengshi Jiayuan Community, Xiaomi Sci-tech Park, Zhongli Sci-tech Park, Holiday Inn Express, Shichuang Mansion, Shangdi Chuangxin Mansion, Shangdi Experimental School
Bus Routes: S501, S502, S503, S504, S512, S513, S514, S515, S516, S517, S518

 Qinghe Xiaoyingqiao
Surroundings: Beijing Information Science and Technology University
Bus Routes: 345, 518, 328, 392, 618, 632, Night Line 4
Surroundings: Beijing Olympic Park
Bus Routes: 355, 398, 490, 603, 606, 632, 693, Night Line 4
 Liudao Kou
Surroundings: China University of Mining and Technology
Bus Routes: 355, 438, 450
Surroundings: Peking University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beihang University
Bus Routes: 319, 386, 400, 490, 609, 613, 928, 126, 127, 147, Night Line 4
Surroundings: Beihang University, Yuan Dynasty's Capital City Wall Ruins Park, Beijing Film Academy
Bus Routes: 304, 386, 671, 106, 93, Night Line 9, 658, Night Line 9
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Questions & Answers on Beijing Subway Changping Line
Asked by Lesley Monk from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 03, 2019 16:22Reply
Beijing Changping Line to Line 1
Our hotel (Wyndham Beijing North) in the Changping district and believe there is a subway/train close. Can you please advise which station this would be?
From this station, how would I navigate my way to use Line 1 as I plan on going to Silk St and if I have time to Wangfujing St Markets.
Answers (1)
Answered by Kate from USA | Nov. 06, 2019 17:16

The nearest subway station is Shengming Kexueyuan station (Changping line).
To Silk Street: You can take metro line of Changping from Shengming Kexueyuan station to Xierqi station, and transfer to metro line 13 to Xizhimen station, and transfer to metro line 2 to Fuxingmen station, then take metro line 1 to Yong'anli station (Exit A1), and walk north around 100m to it.
To Wangfujing:You can take metro line of Changping from Shengming Kexueyuan station to Xierqi station, and transfer to metro line 13 to Xizhimen station, and take metro line 2 to Wangfujing station (Exit C2).
Asked by GKS from COLOMBIA | May. 31, 2019 18:06Reply
How to go to Badaling great wall from Changping Fuxue on a public transport ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Joe from USA | Jun. 02, 2019 20:48

You can take bus No.870/655 at Changping South Road to Huandao West Station, then transfer to No.919 to Badaling Forest Park. Finally, you should walk northwest of 2 km to the destination.
Asked by Ng from SINGAPORE | Mar. 15, 2019 22:27Reply
To Beijing China University of Political Science and Law
Hi, can I walk from Changping Dongguan metro station to the China University of Political Science and Law? Is there any shopping mall or street near the metro station. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Grayson from CANADA | Mar. 19, 2019 23:30

You must refer to Changping Campus, right? Yes, you can walk west along Fuxue Road around 1.5km. Then you can see the campus.
You can find Walmart nearby the metro station, which is located at No.203, Cuichang Road, Changping District.
Asked by Alan from USA | Nov. 06, 2017 19:37Reply
Take a taxi from Changping Xishankou to Badaling
Is metered taxi available from Xishankou station (which is closest subway station to Badaling) for hire to Badaling? How much is the approximate fare?

Wondering if this is a good idea to take subway from airport to the closest subway station to Badaling and hire a taxi to Badaling? I do speak Chinese and plan to visit Badaling on this Saturday during our 13 hours layover.
Please advise.
Answers (1)
Answered by Maggie | Nov. 06, 2017 21:40

It costs roughly around CNY90 by taxi.
In my opinion, the best way for you is to hire a car or taxi from the airport. I was told this agency provides the pick-up & see-off service and you may connect them through
Asked by Ron Benett from USA | Oct. 04, 2017 10:49Reply
is there public transportation between changping ming tomb and badaling great wall?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sara from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 10, 2017 21:55

Bus no. 879 connects the two spots and they happen to be the terminals. It leads to Dingling of the Ming Tombs. The whole trip takes 2h or a little longer by the way.
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