Beijing Subway Yanfang Line


Yancundong ↔ Yanshan

(Identification Color: reddish orange        )

Opened first in 2017, Beijing Subway Yanfang Line is China's first self-developed and unattended subway line with fully automatic train operation system. The Yanfang Line runs roughly east-west, 14.4 km (9 mi) in length, with 9 stations, and takes about 23 minutes for a one-way journey. It starts from Yancundong Station in the east, passes through Fangshan District, and ends at Yanshan Station in the west, serving the core areas of Fangshan New Town such as Liangxiang, Yanshan and Fangshan Chengguan. In addition, passengers can transfer to the subway Fangshan Line at Yancundong Station to reach the downtown Beijing.

According to the long-term plan, the Yanfang Line will be completed in the shape of a “Y”, with a main line and a branch line. In the future, the branch line of the Beijing metro Yanfang Line will open, stretching about 6 km (3.5 mi) from Raolefu to Zhoukoudian.

See subway maps for reference.


Station To Yancundong To Yanshan
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Yanshan 5:30 22:55 -- --
Fangshan Chengguan 5:32 22:57 5:23 22:48
Raolefu 5:35 23:00 5:20 22:45
Magezhuang 5:37 23:02 5:18 22:43
Dashihedong 5:40 23:05 5:15 22:40
Xingcheng 5:43 23:08 5:12 22:37
Yancun 5:46 23:11 5:09 22:34
Zicaowu 5:49 23:14 5:07 22:32
Yancundong -- -- 5:05 22:30


 Yancundong: Transfer with Fangshan Line


Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Subway Yanfang Line

('' points out transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Yanfang Road, East Xinghua Road, Fuyanxincun Community, Yanshan Stadium, Yanshan Hospital, Hongta Park, Yanhua Middle School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, Jiehuiyuan Community, Beizhuang Apartment, Yanshan Xiangyang Middle School, Yuanxiangjiayuan Community, Beizhuangnanli Community, YT Express, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: F47, F80

Fangshan Chengguan
Surroundings: Fangshan Road, Dongsha River, North Qingnian Road, Yanfang Road Community, Dongjie Community, Chengguanbeili Community, Chengbei Community, Fushengjiayuan Community, Cangfang Community, Dongjie Village, Zhaoxi Park, Fangshan High School, Chengguan Primary School, TTK Express, Home Inn, Construction Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 836, 839, F15, F16, F18, F20, F21, F22, F23, F24, F25, F26, F42, F56, F76, F77, F85

Surroundings: Jingzhou Road, Shuichang Road, Yishan Road, Raolefu New Village, Raolefu Xincun Community, Dongsha River, Yingbin Park, Fangshan Stadium, Raolefu Central Kindergarten, Raolefu Primary School, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 917, F12, F16, F18, F19, F30, F42, F47, F76, F85

Surroundings: Guba Road, Huasi Community, Chengguan Wangda Community, Fudongli Community, No.3 Middle School, In Forest Community, Chengguan Comprehensive Service Building, Magezhuang Wanquan Primary School, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 831, 836, 839, 901, 907, 917, F12, F18, F41, F42, F47, F76, F85, Special Express Bus Line 86

Surroundings: Jingzhou Road, Beidian Zhongshi Film & TV. Art School, Fangshan Experimental High School, Xingwangjiayuan Community, Xifen Village, Fangqiao Community, Internet Financial Security Demonstration Industrial Park, Fangshan Industrial Park, Yancun Industrial Park, Fangshan Agricultural Mechanization School, Economic and Trade Senior Technical School
Bus Routes: 836, 917, F85, 831, 839, 901, F12, F18, F41, F42, F47, F76, F85

Surroundings: Middle Jiande Street, Dadou Road, Yanhuaxingcheng Jiande Community, Xingchengbeili Community, Dongya Langyueju Community, Dadong Village, Liangxiang No.5 Middle School, Xingcheng Primary School, Xingsheng Middle School, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: 836, 839, 901, 917, 934, 952, Special Express Bus Line 86, F12, F18, F41, F42, F76, F85

Surroundings: Zima Road, Tianheng Lehuocheng Community, Greentown Lily Apartment, Lücheng Primary School, Yancun Town Central Kindergarten, Zixinyuan Community, Shixiyuan Community, Yancun Town Cultural and Sports Square, Anxutang Drugstore, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank
Bus Routes: 836, 839, 901, 907, 917, 934, 952, Special Express Bus Line 86, Fangshan Bus Line 12 & 18 & 41 & 42 & 76 & 85

Surroundings: Yanhe Road, Beijing Institute of Technology (Fangshan Campus), Dazicaowu Village

Surroundings: Dajian Road, West 6th Ring Road, North Zicaowu Bridge, Dongyan Village, Houyan Village, Houyan Village Wanquan Primary School, China Unicom, China Mobile

Future Branch of Beijing Subway Yanfang Line (Planning)

Route: Raolefu – Laochengqu – Guce – Zhoukoudian

Surroundings: Jingzhou Road, South Chengguan Road, Fangyao Road, Kuangji Road, Xingfangdongli Community, Yongxingda Jiayuan Community, Chengguannanli Community, Lianggongjiayuan Community, Kuangji Road Community, Fangshan Traditional Medical Hospital, Chengguan No.3 Primary School of Fangshan District, No.4 High School, the 1st Hospital of Fangshan District, China Mobile, China Unicom, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Construction Bank, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: F20, F22, F23, F24, F25, F77, 836, 837, 839, 917, F20, F21, F22, F23, F24, F25, F41

Surroundings: Guce Road, Fangshan Community Service and Management Vocational School, C-PARK Community, Fangshan Vocational School, Liu’anxige Community, Guce Primary School, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank
Bus Routes: Fangshan Bus Line 12 & 15 & 16 & 18 & 19 & 26 & 37 & 38 & 52 & 56 & 85

Surroundings: Fangyi Road, Zhoukou Village, Xishanxiaozhen Community, Zhoukoudian Town Government, Zhoukoudian People’s Park, Zhoukoudian Police Station
Bus Routes: 836, 917, Fangshan Bus Line 12 & 15 & 16 & 18 & 19 & 26 & 37 & 38 & 41 & 52 & 56 & 85
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