Beijing Tram Yizhuang T1 Line


Dinghaiyuan ↔  Quzhuang

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The Yizhuang Xincheng Modern Tram T1 Line is the second tram line operated by Beijing Public Transportation Group. It runs roughly north-south from Dinghaiyuan to Quzhuang, serving the core areas of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area. The southernmost station, Laoguanli, is not open yet.
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Dinghaiyuan → Dinghaiyuanxi → Jinghai Yilu → Yichuang Huizhan Zhongxin (Beijing Etrong Int'l Exhibition & Convention Center) → Rongchang Dongjie → Yizhuang Tongren → Lujuandong → Taihelu → Jiuhaocun → Sihaizhuang → Taiheqiaobei → Ruihezhuang → Rongxingjie → Quzhuang → Laoguanli (not open yet)

► Open Date: December 31st, 2020
► Total Length: 13.25 km (8.2 mi)
► Stations: 14
► Highest Speed: 70 km/h (44 mi/h)
► Operating Speed: 22 km/h (13.7 mi/h)
► Ticket Price: CNY 3 to 4

Operation Hours of Yizhuang T1 Line

The operation time of Yizhuang Tram T1 Line is from 6:00 to 22:00 every day. The average departure interval is about 12 minutes, and the train interval is about 5 minutes during peak hours. The whole journey takes about 55 minutes.


Rongchang Dongjie: Transfer with Subway Yizhuang Line


Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Yizhuang T1 Line

('' points out transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Kechuang Street, Jinghai 7th Road, Dinghaiyuan Yili Community
Bus Routes: 913, Zhuan 159, Zhuan 184, Zhuan 232, 986, T11, T56

Surroundings: Kechuang Street, Jinghai Road, BDA International Enterprise Park, CEICloud Data Storage Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Yizhuang Xiaomi Industry Park

 Jinghai Yilu
Surroundings: Kechuang Street, Jinghai 1st Road, East Rongchang Street

 Yichuang Huizhan Zhongxin
Surroundings: East Rongchang Street, Middle Yongchang Road, South Yongchang Road, China Crystal Technologies Co., Ltd., GE Beijing Science & Technology Park, Beijing Etrong Int’l Exhibition & Convention Center, Etrong Intelligent Robot Innovation Park, BDA Longsheng Industry Park
Bus Routes: 324, 453, 578, 652, T31, 1, Xing 16, Xing 32, Xing 38, Xing 43, Xing 51, Xing 56, Xing 58, Xing 76, Zhuan 181, Zhuan 183, Zhuan 187, Zhuan 188, Zhuan 41, 542, 652, 821, 927, 975, 976, T31, T66

 Rongchang Dongjie
Surroundings: East Rongchang Street, Middle Hongda Road, South Hongda Road, BDA International Enterprise Park, DHL Building
Bus Routes: 453, 578, 580, 826, 846, 913, T31, Express Through Line 188, Xing 16, Xing 38, Xing 47, Xing 56, Xing 76, Xing 78, Zhuan 183, Zhuan 187, 542, 665, T63, 120, Zhuan 96

 Yizhuang Tongren
Surroundings: West Rongchang Street, Tongren Hospital, Beijing Aiyuhua Hospital for Children and Women, BOE Office Complex, BOE Technology Innovation Center, Liangshui River
Bus Routes: 826, 846, T31, Zhuan 183, Zhuan 187, 453, 492, 578, 665, 685, 826, 913, T31, Xing 16, Xing 38, Xing 47, Xing 48, Xing 49, Xing 50, Xing 56, Xing 76, Zhuan 183, Zhuan 187

Surroundings: Boxing Road, Liangshuihe 1st Street, Jinghua Fine Arts Institute, Youth Apartment, Beijing Polytechnic (Yizhuang Campus), Beijing Yuantai Stem Cell Medical Research Institute
Bus Routes: 453, 492, 665, 685, Xing 16, Xing 38, Xing 47, Xing 48, Xing 49, Xing 50, Xing 56, Zhuan 183

Surroundings: Boxing Road, Taihe Road, Yicheng Mingyuan Residential Area, Han’s Enterprise Park, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., Boke Yayuan Residential Area
Bus Routes: Zhuan 90

Surroundings: Boxing Road, Taihe 2nd Street, Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd., Mercedes-Benz Starlight Building, Yizhuang Cloud Computing Industrial Park, Beijing No. 2 Middle School BDA School
Bus Routes: Zhuan 183

Surroundings: Boxing Road, Xinghai 1st Street, Daimler China R&D Technology Center, China Electronics Import and Export Corporation, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Beijing Asia-Pacific Zhongli Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Bus Routes: Xing 31, Xing 47, Xing 50

Surroundings: Boxing Road, Xinghai 3rd Street, Xinfenghe Road, Beijing Benz R&D Building, Beijing Delphi Technology Development Co., Ltd., Xinfeng River
Bus Routes: Zhuan 231

Surroundings: Ruihe Road, North Rongxing 2nd Street, Kuntin Yizhuang Life Science Park, Industrial Park for Key Components of High-end Automobiles and New Energy Automobiles, Zhonghuan Engineering & Project Management Co., Ltd.

Surroundings: Ruihe Road, Rongxing Street, Baidu Yizhuang Data Center, Baidu Cloud Computing Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Surroundings: Ruihe Road, South Rongxing 3rd Street, Quzhuang Village

 Laoguanli (not open yet)
Surroundings: Laobaochang Road, Laoguanli Village
Bus Routes: Xing 19

Construction Plan of Beijing Tram Yizhuang T1 Line

According to the long-term plan, a Branch Line 1 and the southern extension line of Yizhuang Xincheng Modern Tram T1 Line will be built in the future. The Branch Line 1 will start from Xingyi Road in the south of Yinghai Town, pass 104 National Road and Huangyi Road, run eastward into Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, and connect with the main line of Yizhuang T1 at Taihelu Station. Meanwhile, the Yizhuang Tram T1 Line will be extended 3 km (1.6 mi) south to the Qingyundian Town.
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