Beijing Subway Line 19


Xingong ↔ Mudanyuan

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The first phase of Beijing subway line 19, running from Xingong to Mudanyuan, has been put into operation since the end of 2021. Subway line 19 is a north-south express line serving a large volume of traffic passing through the west of the central city. Starting from Xingong Station in Fengtai District in the south, passing through Xicheng District, and ending at Mudanyuan Station in Haidian District in the north, it runs through the unique old city, and connects with the modern urban areas of the new city, passing Caoqiao traffic hub and business core areas like the Financial Street and Mudanyuan. It is convenient to transfer to the Daxing Airport Line at Caoqiao Station, which effectively extends the service of the Daxing Airport Line to the central city, and greatly promotes the economic integration of the downtown and the southern area of the city.

Line 19 is the first subway line in Beijing designed to operate at a maximum speed of 120 km (75 mi) per hour. The current line 19, with a total length of 22.4 km (13.9 mi), has 10 stations, of which four transfer stations have been suspended.

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Station To Mudanyuan To Xingong
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Xingong 5:30 23:25 -- --
Xinfadi 5:32 23:27 5:51 23:31
Caoqiao 5:36 23:31 5:47 23:27
Jingfengmen (not open yet) -- -- -- --
Niujie 5:42 23:37 5:41 23:21
Taipingqiao (not open yet) -- -- -- --
Ping'anli (not open yet) -- -- -- --
Jishuitan 5:50 23:45 5:33 23:13
Beitaipingzhuang (not open yet) -- -- -- --
Mudanyuan -- -- 5:30 23:10


Transfers along Beijing Subway Line 19:

 Xingong: Transfer with Daxing Line
 Caoqiao: Transfer with Line 10 and Daxing Airport Line
 Jishuitan: Transfer with Line 2
 Mudanyuan: Transfer with Line 10


Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Beijing Metro Line 19:

("" points out transfer station)
Surroundings: Huaifang West Road, Wanda Plaza, Xingong Jiayuan Residential Area, Longmen Vinegar Factory, Joy Breeze Fengtai, Cuihai Mingyuan Residential Area, Huaifang Primary School
Bus Routes: 343, 369, 474, 556, 829, 946, 954, Express Through Line 40, Express Through Line 109, Express Through Line 159, Zhuan 59, Zhuan 67, Zhuan 190
Surroundings: Jingkai Road, Nanyuan West Road, Xinfadi Long-distance Bus Station, Xinfadi Seed Market, Xinfadi Beef and Mutton Wholesale Market, Huailian Supermarket, Xinfadi Vegetable Market, Agricultural Products Wholesale Market, Xinfadi International Aquatic Products Trading Center, Xinfadi Flower Creative Park, Haizi Park
Bus Routes: 353, 354, 377, 381, 410, 423, 454, 483, 497, 529, 646, 676, 679, Express Through Line 22, Night Line 22, Zhuan 190
Surroundings: Zhenguosi North Street, Caoqiao Xinyuan Residential Area, Caoqiao Kindergarten, Liansheng Business Center, Caoqiao Badminton Hall, Celes Golf Club, Oriental Homeland Building Materials City, Beijing Huaxiang Flower Creative Park, Beijing World Flower Garden, Beijing Christian Fengtai Church
Bus Routes: 434, 529, 679, Zhuan 179, Zhuan 209
 Jingfengmen (not open yet)
Surroundings: Yulin South R oad, You’anmen Outer Street, Yulin Dongli Residential Area, Kaiyangli Residential Area, Liangshui River, Homeinn Plus, Huashang Sci-tech Mansion, You’anmen Hospital of Fengtai District
Bus Routes: 19, 48, 88, 377, 454, 474, Night Line 11, Night Line 12, Zhuan 155
Surroundings: Ox Street, Guang’anmen Inner Street, Hui People School, Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University, China International Neuroscience Research Institute, Beijing Xuannan Cultural Museum, Hanting Hotel, Baoguo Temple, Niujie Mosque
Bus Routes: 5, 6, 10, 38, 50, 57, 88, 109, 381, Night Line 7, Night Line 23
 Taipingqiao (not open yet)
Surroundings: Taipingqiao Street, PetroChina International Business Building, Beijing No. 8 Middle School, Head Office of the People's Bank of China, Head Office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Parkson Shopping Center, Union Hospital
Bus Routes: 7, 38, 47, Night Line 36
 Ping'anli (not open yet)
Surroundings: Ping’anli West Street, Zhaodengyu Road, Ping’anli Community, Aerospace Financial Building, Xicheng District Ping’an Hospital, National Peking Opera Academy, Yude Hutong, Dajue Hutong, Pu'an Temple
Bus Routes: 4, 107, 118, Night Line 3, Night Line 21
Surroundings: Xinjiekou North Street, Xiaotongjing Hutong, Banqiao Hutongs, Xinhua Department Store, Deshengmen West Street, Xihai Wetland Park, Guo Shoujing Memorial Hall, Jishuitan Hospital, Xu Beihong Memorial Hall, Deyunshe Theater
Bus Routes: 22, 47, 88, 143, 409, 508, Night Line 4, Night Line 36, Zhuan 31
 Beitaipingzhuang (not open yet)
Surroundings: North 3rd Ring Middle Road, Beitaipingzhuang Road, Xinjiekou Outer Street, Beijing Amcare Beisanhuan Women’s and Children's Hospital, Jingning Guoda Building, Beijing Normal University, Shuangxiu Park, Chengjian Plaza, Yuanwanglou Hotel, Beijing Red Cross Blood Research Institute, Caihong Building, Zhongshi Yuntou Building
Bus Routes: 16, 22, 47, 88, 135, 304, 331, 345, 361, 425, 508, 510, 579, 604, 606, 618, 620, 645, 695, 847, 883, 885, 889, 921, Express Through Line 66, Express Through Line 148, Night Line 4, Night Line 30, Night Line 38
Surroundings: Beitaipingzhuang Road, Beitucheng West Road, Yuan Dadu City Wall Ruins Park, Xiaoyue River, Mudan Hotel, Cuiwei Department store, Mudanyuan Residential Area, Garden Apartment, Mudan Sci-tech Building, Zhongcheng Office Building, Kuangyi Mansion
Bus Routes: 16, 21, 22, 47, 123, 135, 304, 331, 425, 508, 510, 579, 601, 606, 618, 620, 645, 653, 658, Night Line 4, Night Line 9


Construction Plan of Beijing Subway Line 19

According to the Beijing Rail Transit Development Plan released by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the four transfer stations on subway line 19 (Jingfengmen, Taipingqiao, Ping’anli and Betaipingzhuang), which have not yet been opened, will open within 2022.
In addition, according to the long-term plan of subway line 19, the second phase of the project is divided into two sections: north and south. The northern extension section will start from Mudanyuan Station, passes Beishatan, Shangqingqiaonan, Shangqingqiao, Xisanqi, Xinlongze, Life Science Park, Gonghuachengxi, and end at Shahe Gaojiaoyuan Station. The southern extension of line 19 will run from Xingong to Nanyuan, Xihongmendong, Starlight Film Park, Daxing Xinchengxi, and end at Haizijiao. It is expected to transfer with line 21 in 2027.
- Last updated on Apr. 08, 2022 -
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