Beijing Tram Xijiao Line (Western Suburban Line)


Bagou ↔  Xiangshan

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Bagou → Yiheyuan Ximen (Summer Palace West Gate) → Chapeng → Wan'an → Zhiwuyuan (Botanical Garden) → Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills)

Beijing Modern Tram Xijiao Line, aka Western Suburban Line or Xiangshan Line, is the first modern tram line operated by Beijing Public Transportation Group. It runs roughly east-west, starting from Bagou Station in the east and ending at Xiangshan Station in the west, connecting the Summer Palace, Yuquan Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, and Fragrant Hills Park.
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► Open Date: December 30th, 2017
► Total Length: 9.4 km (5.8 mi)
► Stations: 6
► Highest Speed: 70 km/h (44 mi/h)
► Ticket Price: CNY 3 to 6

Operation Hours of Xijiao Line

The hours are 5:30 to 22:30 from Bagou and 6:00 to 23:00 from Xiangshan. A single trip on the Beijing Tram Xijiao Line takes about 22 minutes. The trains run at a frequency of 10 minutes in rush hours while 12 minutes in other time.



Bagou: Transfer with Subway Line 10


Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Beijing Tram Xijiao Line

('' points out transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Bagou Road, Shenghuasi Road, Wanliu Road, Wanliu House Community, Vanland Mansion, Legacy Homes Community, Workers’ Cultural Palace, Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Zhongguancun No.3 Primary School, No.19 High School, Wanquanzhuang North Community, Dijia Square, Wanquan Primary School, Hanting Express Hotel, 7 days Inn, Home Inn, SPD Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank
Bus Routes: 26

 Yiheyuan Ximen (Summer Palace West Gate)
Surroundings: Jinhe Road, Beiwu Park, Yiheyuan Ximen Road, Beiwucun Road, Summer Palace, Yudong Park, Yuquan Mountain, Yuyuan Community, Yuquan Mountain Cherry Picking Park, Zhongwuxincun Community
Bus Routes: 469, 539, Zhuan 129

Surroundings: Chapeng Road, East Wan'an Road, Yuquan Country Park, Yuquanshan Art Museum, Beiwujiayuan Community, Yuquan Chuangxinyuan Office Building, Yuquanhuigu Science Industrial Park, MHCY Foreign Language Preschool, Changqing Rectum Hospital, Taihe Maternity Hospital, Minsheng Bank, Bank of Communications

Surroundings: Hanhe Road, East Wan'an Road, Yuxiang Sightseeing Picking Park, Yuxiang Sightseeing Park, Wan’an Cemetery, Sijiqing Yuxiang Sightseeing Park, Daliulin Farm, Yuquanshan JE Mansion, Mentouxinyuan Community, Titled Possessions Community, Miaoyun Temple, Four Seasons Royal Garden International Hotel, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 630

 Zhiwuyuan (Botanical Garden)
Surroundings: Donghuan Road, Botanical Garden, Siwangfu Community, Xiangbaiqijia No.7 Community, Xiangshan Xiangjiachang Family Community, Nanzhi Community, Vocational College of Agriculture (North Campus), Siwangfu Primary School, Postal Savings Bank, Rural Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 318, 360, 505, 563, 698, 932

 Xiangshan (Fragrant Hills)
Surroundings: Xiangshan Road, Biyunsi Road, West Wofosi Road, Yikesong Road, Fragrant Hills Park, Xiangshan Conference Center, Xiangshan No.1 Community, Meichangjie No.26 & 27 Community, Xiangshan Nanying No.66 Community, High School of Peking University, Guandi Temple, Qinxiang Park, Xiangshan Business Hotel, Fangrant Hill Holiday Business Hotel, Postal Savings Bank, Rural Commercial Bank
Bus Routes: 563
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Questions & Answers on Beijing Tram Xijiao Line
Asked by Arthur To from CANADA | Oct. 08, 2019 10:06Reply
Beijing Zhiwuyuan (Botanical Garden)
What is the best way to go to Zhiwuyuan (Botanical Garden) from Lijingwan International Hotel at 28 North Shilipu Dongsihuan Road, Chaoyang District?

Arthur To
Answers (1)
Answered by Baer from CANADA | Oct. 10, 2019 02:09

It is suggested to take subway line 6 from Shilibao to Hujialou and transfer to line 10 to Bagou. Then take Western Suburban Line to Botanical directly.
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