Beijing Subway Line 9


Guogongzhuang ↔ National Library

(Identification Color: lime green      )

Beijing subway line 9 goes from north to south in the southeast part of the city, covering Fengtai and Haidian Districts. It starts from Guogongzhuang Station in the Fengtai District, passes by Beijing West Railway Station and finally ends at the National Library Station. This 16.5-kilometer (10-mile) underground railway was constructed in two phases, and is now completed.

See subway maps for reference.


Station To Guogongzhuang To National Library
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Guogongzhuang -- -- 4:59 22:39
Fengtai Kejiyuan 6:08 23:48 5:01 22:41
Keyilu 6:06 23:46 5:03 22:43
Fengtai Nanlu 6:04 23:44 5:05 22:45
Fengtai Dongdajie 6:01 23:41 5:08 22:48
Qilizhuang 5:59 23:39 5:10 22:50
Liuliqiao 5:55 23:35 5:13 22:53
Liuliqiaodong 5:53 23:33 5:16 22:56
Beijingxi Zhan (Beijing West Railway Station) 5:49 23:29 5:20 23:00
Junshi Bowuguan (Military Museum) 5:46 23:26 5:23 23:03
Baiduizi 5:43 23:23 5:26 23:06
Baishiqiaonan 5:40 23:20 5:28 23:08
Guojia Tushuguan (National Library) 5:38 23:18 -- --

* Interval: 2-3 minutes at rush hours

Beijing Subway Line 9


 Guojia Tushuguan (National Library): Transfer with Line 4 & Line 16
 Baishiqiaonan: Transfer with Line 6
 Junshi Bowuguan (Military Museum): Transfer with Line 1
 Beijingxi Zhan (Beijing West Railway Station): Transfer with Line 7
 Liuliqiao: Transfer with Line 10
 Qilizhuang: Transfer with Line 14
 Guogongzhuang: Transfer with Fangshan Line


Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' subway transfer stations)

 Guojia Tushuguan (National Library)
Surroundings: Beijing Dance School, National Library, Shenzhou International Hotel, Shenzhou Building, Rock Carving Art Museum, Capital Skating Stadium, Zhenjue Temple, China Meteorological Administration, Capital Indoor Stadium, Zizhuyuan Park
Buses Exchangeable: 86, 92, 129, 305, 320, 332, 481, 563, 609, 653, 658, 695, Night Line 8

Surroundings: China Building Standard Design Institute, Guoxing Jiayuan Community, Newland Science and Technology Groups, Guoxing Mansion, Zizhuyuan South Road, Zhuyujiayuan Community, Chegongzhuang West Road, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, China Architecture and Building Press, Bank of Communication
Bus Exchangeable: 27, 4, 114, 118, 320, 693, Night Line 3

Surroundings: Baiduizi Coummunity, Lixin School, Youyili Community, Navy General Hospital
Bus Exchangeable: BRT Line 4

 Junshi Bowuguan (Military Museum)
Surroundings: Military MuseumChina Century Monument, Yangfangdian East Road, Residence of Ministry of Railways, China ENFI Engineering Corporation, ENFI Science and Technology Mansion, Industrial Bank, China Construction Bank, Yuyuantan Middle School
Buses Exchangeable: 94, 1, 21, 52, 65, 68, 78, 85, 308, Night Line 1, Night Line 8

Buy Subway Tickets Beijingxi Zhan (West Railway Station)
Surroundings: Beijing West Railway Station, Lianhuachi Park
Buses Exchangeable: 9, 21, 67, 142, 144, 3, 40, 62, 89, 96, 339, 374, 394, 414, 616, 663, 694

Surrounding: Guangan Road, Electric Power Hospital, Lianhuachi Park, Lianhuachi Long-distance Bus Station
Bus Exchangeable: 76, 321, 57, 74, 133, 309, 390, 477, 137, 832, 836, 895, 917


Surroundings: Guangan Tianyuan Hotel, Jiaochengshan Hotel, Guangan Road,
Bus Exchangeable: 941

Bus Exchangeable: 77, 477, Zhuan 3, Night Line 16
Surroundings: Wanfeng Road, Fengtai North Road

 Fengtai Dongdajie
Surroundings: East Street, Donghuachang Road
Bus Exchangeable: 395, 459, 477, 678, Night Line 16

 Fengtai Nanlu
Surroudings: Hualinjiayuan Community, Fengtai Hospital, South Fengtai Road, Ecological Themed Park of Fengtai Technology Park
Buses Exchangeable: Zhuan 149, 69, 351, 353, 627, 845, Night Line 7

Surroundings: Dijing Garden, Dijing Road
Bus Exchangeable: Zhuan 9

 Fengtai Kejiyuan
Surroundings: Yukang Park
Buses Exchangeable: 81

Surroundings: Jialai Manor
Buses Exchangeable: 451, 477, 480, 497, 689, 692, 840

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Questions & Answers on Beijing Subway Line 9
Asked by Hanah from VIETNAM | Feb. 29, 2016 02:52Reply
Way to Capital Indoor Stadium
I arrive Beijing West Railway Station. I want to go to Capital Indoor Stadium at. So I can catch Line 9 right? But I don't know the exact number of bus. Can you explain me?
Answers (1)
Answered by Joe from USA | Feb. 29, 2016 18:38

Yes, you are right. Just take metro line 9 from West Railway Station to National LIbrary Station, Exit C. Walk south for about 250 yards, and you can see it. Or, you may take bus line Te 19 (特19) from West Railway Station to Baishiqiao East Station, and you can see it. :)
Asked by Jo from MALAYSIA | Feb. 26, 2016 10:10Reply
From Beijing West Railway Line 9 to Liuliqiao
Hi. I need to purchase some train tickets before going to the Liuliqiao Bus station for Datong. Please tell me if I take on Subway Line 9, should I get down on Liuliqiao or Liuliqiao East to get to the long distance bus station and is it easy to find? Is there another better way of buying train tickets?
Answers (2)
Answered by Linda from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 26, 2016 19:41

You should get down on Liuliqiao Station, Exit C. Then walk northeast around 500 yards (450m) to find the bus station.
In addition to buy train tickets at railway stations, you can book them online in advance and collect them at railway station just before departure. TravelChinaGuide provides online ticket booking service. If interested, the contact information is
Answered by Jo from MALAYSIA | Feb. 26, 2016 21:44

Thank you so much Linda for the extra info. Have a nice day.
Asked by Laurentia Wijaya from INDONESIA | Oct. 20, 2012 20:50Reply
Ni Hao,if I go to Beijing West Railway Station from my hotel Nanjing Great Hotel Wang Fujing, should
take to Wang Fujing Station get LINE 1, and exchange to LINE 9 which station can interchanging?
Because I see the City Map Subway, there are "No INTERCHANGE STATION " in Line 9
Thank You for helpfulness
Answers (3)
Answered by Terry | Oct. 21, 2012 01:28

It is not connected between the Military Museum Station and the West Railway Station, so after you reach the museum station by taking the line 1, you need to get out of the station and then you will find many minibuses at the exits which you can take to reach the train station.
Answered by Laurentia Wijaya from INDONESIA | Oct. 21, 2012 06:03

From Military Museum if I go by Taxi to West Railway Station, How much does it cost? Is easier to get Taxi from Military Museum? If I go by taxi from Nanjing Great Hotel Wang Fujing how much? Tq
Answered by Melinda | Oct. 22, 2012 03:12

Hi, from the west railway station to the museum, the taxi fare is about CNY10. If you take a cab from your hotel to the museum directly, it costs about CNY30-40.
Asked by suan from MALAYSIA | Oct. 04, 2012 09:27Reply
Will line 9 be opened by Nov 9th from Beijing west railway station to Military Musuem connect line1
Answers (1)
Answered by Kim | Oct. 07, 2012 01:42

It may be open in the end of this year, but the exact time is not decided.
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