Beijing Subway Daxing Line


Xingong ↔ Tiangongyuan

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Beijing Subway Daxing LineBeijing subway Daxing Line is a fast link between the central city and the Daxing New City in the southern suburb.  The total length of the Daxing Line is 21.8 km (13.5 mi), with 11 stations. It has been opened since the end of 2010 and is now part of Beijing subway Line 4.

As the southern extension of the subway line 4, the Daxing Line joins the Gongyi Xiqiao Station of Fengtai District in the north, starts from the Xingong Station, passes Fengtai and Daxing Districts, and finally reaches its south terminal – Tiangongyuan. Together with Line 4, it serves as a north-south traffic corridor, facilitating the public transport between the Daxing New City and the downtown Beijing. It realizes the complementary influences of Zhongguancun Area and Daxing Industry Belt, connects the transportation hubs of Beijing Zoo, Xizhimen, and South Railway Station, as well as enhances the interaction between Daxing and business centers like Xinjiekou and Xidan.

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Station To Xingong To Tiangongyuan
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Xingong 5:32 23:12 5:53 23:30
Xihongmen 5:27 23:07 5:58 23:36
Gaomidianbei 5:24 23:04 6:01 23:38
Gaomidiannan 5:22 23:02 6:03 23:40
Zaoyuan 5:19 22:59 6:05 23:42
Qingyuanlu 5:17 22:57 6:07 23:45
Huangcun Xidajije 5:15 22:55 6:10 23:47
Huangcun Huochezhan (Huangcun Railway Station) 5:13 22:53 6:12 23:49
Yihezhuang 5:10 22:50 6:15 23:52
Shengwu Yiyao Jidi 5:07 22:47 6:18 23:55
Tiangongyuan 5:05 22:45 -- --


 Gongyi Xiqiao: Transfer with Line 4
 Xingong: Transfer with Line 19


Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' Subway Transfer Stations)


Surroundings: Xingong Market, Xingong Primary School, Huaifang West Road, Academy of State of Administration of Grain
Bus Exchangeable: Yuntong115, 353, 556

Daxing Subway Xihongmen
Surroundings: Xinning Street, Hairui Community, Xinghai Park
Bus Exchangeable: Special Line 23, 646

Surroundings: Xinghua Street, Yuhuayuan Community, Xiangyuan Road
Bus Exchangeable: 631, Xing 1

Surroundings: Postal Saving Bank of China, Beijing Procuratorate of this District, Jinxing Road
Bus Exchangeable: Xing36, Xing42, Special Line 24

Surroundings: Xinghua High School, Xinghua Street, Rose City Shopping Center
Bus Exchangeable: 610, 631, 829, 841, 842, 937, 940, 954, 968

Surroundings: Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, Aijia Pet Hospital, Qingyuanli Community, Huangcun Park
Bus Exchangeable: 410, 610, 631, BRT631, 829, 841, 940, 954, 968, Xing (28, 26, 23, 24, 27, 30)

 Huangcun Xidajie
Surroundings: West Huangcun Street, Jiama Hotel, Xinghua Street, Daxing No.4 High School, Daxing Hospital, Yixing Community
Bus Exchangeable: Xing (17, 19, 14, 22, 31, 35), Xing28 (Interval), 410, 456, 610, 631, 829, 840, 940, 954, 968, BRT631

 Huangcun Huochezhan (Huangcun Railway Station)
Exit A: Xinghua Street (West), Xingzheng Street, Dazhong Electronics
Exit B: Honglou West Lane, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, Daxing No. 5 High School, Wu-mart
Exit C: North Linxiao Road, Daxing Traffic Management Bureau, Daxing Health Bureau
Exit D: Huangcun Railway Station, China Mobile, Police Office of Linxiao Road
Bus Exchangeable: Xing (25, 36, 18, 21, 22), 829, 968, 366, BRT631, BRT366

Surroundings: Daxing Capital Golf Club, East Heping Valley, Yihezhuang Primary School, Binhe Forest Park
Bus Exchangeable: Xing48

 Shengwu Yiyao Jidi (Biomedical Base)
Surroundings: Yongda Road, Tianhua Street, Cofco TTC (Beijing) Foods Co. Ltd, Hanyuanzi Village, Xinyuan Street, Zhongrong Baiming Technology Co. Ltd, Yongxing Road
Bus Exchangeable: Xing (21, 28, 30, 48)

Surroundings: Tiangong Road, Xinyuan Street, Tiantanghe Farm, Daxing No. 6 High School, Tianfu Road, Tiantanghe Hospital, Yongwei Road, Tianhua Street
Bus Exchangeable: Xing (21, 27, 28, 30, 44, 48), 829, 844

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Questions & Answers on Beijing Subway Daxing Line
Asked by jay from THAILAND | Sep. 26, 2019 02:22Reply
How are we going to Daxing Airport from Wukesong Subway (Line1)? and How much for cost?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alex from USA | Sep. 28, 2019 17:56

Take metro line 1 to Gongzhufen station, and transfer to metro line 10 to Caoqiao station, then take subway line of Daxing directly to the airport. It takes around 1 hour with CNY40.
Asked by Steve from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 28, 2012 02:23Reply
Beijing World Park Route
Is it possible to go to Beijing World Park via this route:
- Xidan subway station to Xingong Subway station, than take a temporary Bus Line 1 to take me to Dabaotai (free of charge), & from there walk to the World Park?

Thanks for the advise.
Answers (1)
Answered by Cindy | Jul. 28, 2012 04:32

Well, that route seems a little inconvenience. You can take subway line 1 from Xidan to Nanlishilu Station, then take bus 937(Branch) to get to the World Park.
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