Beijing Subway Line 17


Jiahuihu ↔ Shilihe

(Identification Color: blue-green       )

The southern section of the first phase of Beijing subway line 17, from Jiahuihu to Shilihe, has been put into use since the end of 2021. The total length of the line 17 in operation now is 15.8 km (9.8 mi), with 7 stations. The line 17 effectively shares the passenger pressure of the eastern section of line 10, and promotes the rapid development of the southern city, making it convenient for residents along the line to travel quickly.

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Station To Shilihe To Jiahuihu
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Jiahuihu 5:30 22:30 --- ---
Ciqu 5:32 22:32 6:12 22:47
Ciqubei 5:35 22:35 6:09 22:44
Beishenshu 5:38 22:38 6:06 22:41
Shibalidian 5:44 22:44 6:00 22:35
Zhoujiazhuang 5:47 22:47 5:57 22:32
Shilihe -- -- 5:55 22:30


Transfers along Beijing Subway Line 17:

 Ciqu: Transfer with Yizhuang Line
 Shilihe: Transfer with Line 10Line 14


Surroundings and Bus Routes near the Stations of Beijing Metro Line 17:

("" points out transfer station)
Surroundings: Kouxiao Road, Tongzhou Maizhuang Primary School, Maizhuang Village Bilingual Kindergarten, Tongcheng Jiayuan Residential Area
Bus Routes: Zhuan 207
Surroundings: Luxi Road, Ciqu Avenue, Ciqu High School, Yuehe School, Taihuzhen Central Primary School
Bus Routes: 820, 986, T11, T87
Surroundings: Puxi Road, Ciqu Beili Residential Area, Dongshi Park, Taihuzhen Yinghewan Primary School, Lepao Park, Taihuzhen Central Primary School
Bus Routes: Zhuan 232
Surroundings: Jiachuang 1st Road, Fnorton Life Square, Lining Center, Guanglian Industrial Park, Xinhualian Sci-tech Mansion, Dongchuang Mansion, Hanting Hotel, Wutong Park, Kaiyue International Building
Bus Routes: Zhuan 182
Surroundings: Dayangfang Road, Beijing Oriental University, Haitang Park, Shuangxin School, Hexie Square
Bus Routes: Zhuan 217
Surroundings: Dayangfang Road, Minlong Plaza, Dayanglu Wholesale Market, High School Attached to Beijing University of Technology, Zhouzhuang Residential Area
Bus Routes: 378, 638, 976, 986, Express Through Line 91, Zhuan 72
Surroundings: Dayangfang Road, Easyhome, Meilian Tiandi Building Materials Market, Jiahe Jiamei Furniture City, Minle Building Materials Market, Shenghong Mansion, Ruian Mansion, Traffic Administration Bureau
Bus Routes: 28, 378, 439, 513, 638, 976, 986, Express Through Line 91, Zhuan 72

Extension Plan of Beijing Subway Line 17

At present, the northern section of the first phase of Beijing subway line 17 is under construction. According to the plan, the whole project of the first phase of line 17 will cover 49.7 km (30.9 mi) with 21 stations. After completion, it will start from the Weilai Kejichengbei in the north, pass through Changping District, Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, and finally reach the Jiahuihu Station in Tongzhou District in the south. It will benefit passengers in Wangjing, Taiyanggong, Xibahe, Workers' Stadium, and Ciqu areas.
According to the full map of line 17, the route of the whole line is roughly as follows: (from North to South)
► Weilai Kexuechengbei → Weilai Kexuechengnan → Tiantongyuandong → Qingheying → Yongshiying → Wangjingxi → Taiyanggong → Xibahe → Xiangheyuan → Gongren Tiyuchang (Workers' Stadium) → Dongdaqiao → Yong'anli → Guangqumenwai → Panjiayuanxi → Shilihe → Zhoujiazhuang → Shibalidian → Beishenshu → Ciqubei → Ciqu → Jiahuihu

Future Transfer with Other Lines

Tiantongyuandong: Transfer with Line 13A
Wangjingxi: Transfer with Line 13B & Line 15
Taiyanggong: Transfer with Line 10
Xibahe: Transfer with Line 12
Gongren Tiyuchang (Workers’ Stadium): Transfer with Line 3
Dongdaqiao: Transfer with Line 6, Line 22 & Line 28
Yong’anli: Transfer with Line 1
Guangqumenwai: Transfer with Line 7
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