Beijing Subway Line 11


Xinshougang ↔ Jin'anqiao

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The first phase of Beijing subway line 11, aka the western section, has been opened since late 2021. The line is located in Shijingshan District of in west Beijing and runs roughly north-south, stretching from Moshikou Station to Xinshougang Station. At present, the Moshikou Station has not been opened, and the subway trains only run from Jin'anqiao to Xinshougang.

The subway line 11 is known as the Winter Olympic Branch Line because it once served the traffic in the Shougang Park, which was one of the competition venues of the 2022 Winter Olympics. The subway train has a blue and white exterior. Its interior is decorated with Winter Olympics elements and the overhead lights are designed in the shape of snowflakes.

At present, the east section of subway line 11 has been included in the planning and research of the city's rail transit network. In the future, line 11 will be a major artery linking the west and the east of Beijing.

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Facts of 1st Phase of Subway Line 11

 Length: 4.2 km (2.6 mi)
 Stops: 4
 Route: Xinshougang → Beixinan → Jin'anqiao → Moshikou (not open yet)
 Highest Speed of the Train: 100 km (62 mi) per hour


Station To Jin'anqiao To Xinshougang
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Xinshougang 5:58 21:58 -- --
Beixinan 6:01 22:01 6:12 22:12
Jin'anqiao -- -- 6:10 22:10



 Jin'anqiao: Transfer with Line 6 & Line S1


Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

('' subway transfer stations)


Surroundings: Shijingshan Road, Shougang Park, Beijing Winter Olympics Park, Yongding River, Lianshi Lake
Bus Routes:
Exit C & Exit D: Zhuan 108
Surroundings: North Xinan Road, Shougang Park, Beixinan Primary School
Bus Routes: 337, 941, 959, 148, 61
Surroundings: Fushi Road, North Xinan Road, Heping Street, Shougang Park, Shijingshan Park, Jin’an Uni Elite Shopping Mall, Xirongdo Plaza
Bus Routes:
Exit H: 959
Exit K: 337, 941, 959, Zhuan 61, Zhuan 148
Exit J: Zhuan 61

Extension Plan of Beijing Subway Line 11

The line 11 currently in operation is very short, which is certainly not enough to relieve the city's traffic pressure. In the long-term planning, line 11 is a major west-east traffic artery of Beijing, running east from Shijingshan District to Fengtai and Chaoyang Districts.
According to the full map of line 11 released earlier by Beijing Construction Department, the route of the whole line is roughly as follows: (from West to East)
► Moshikou → Jin'anqiao → Beixinan → Xinshougang → Xingcai → Guoluchang Nanlu → Yamenkouxi → Yamenkoudong → Lugu Dajie → Wujiacun → Xiaowayao → Qingta → Lianhuaqiao → Beijingxi Zhan (Beijing West Railway Station) → Maliandao → Lize Shangwuqu → Caihuying Qiaodong → Beijingnan Zhan (Beijing South Railway Station) → Yangqiao → Muxiyuan Qiaobei → Liujiayao → Fangzhuang → Panjiayuanxi → Panjiayuan → Beigongda Ximen → Nanlouzizhuang → Huagong → Wangsiyingqiao → Fatou

Future Transfer with Other Lines

Jin'anqiao: Transfer with Line 6 & Line S1
Lianhuaqiao: Transfer with Line 10
Beijing West Railway Station: Transfer with Line 7 & Line 9
Lize Shangwuqu: Transfer with Line 14 & Line 16
Beijing South Railway Station: Transfer with Line 4 & Line 14
Liujiayao: Transfer with Line 5 & Line 14
Panjiayuan: Transfer with Line 10
Nanlouzizhuang: Transfer with Line 7
The above route can reach as far as Fatou in the Chaoyang District in the east, but it is only under planning at present. The east extension section has not started to be constructed yet. It is also said that line 11 might only reach Yangqiao in the Fengtai District. There is still no final conclusion, and it needs to wait for the official announcement from Beijing’s rail transit network construction department.
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