Beijing Subway Line S1


Shichang ↔ Jin'anqiao

(Identification Color: Deep red           )

Beijing subway line S1, known also as the Metro Mentougou Line, extends from southwest to northeast in the shape of an inverted letter “Z”. It is the City’s first maglev train and covers a 10 kilometers (6 miles) route with 8 stations. The whole single trip only takes 16 minutes. Initially, only 7 stations were opended at the end of 2017 linking Shichang and Jin’anqiao. The remaining metro station named Pingguoyuan, a transportation hub and commercial center in west downtown Beijing, will serve the public in 2019.

According to the long-term construction plan, the western extension of the Beijing subway line S1 will have 4 stations named Nancun, Lujiatan, Jietaisi and Tanzhesi.
See subway maps for reference.


Station To Shichang To Jin'anqiao
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Jin'anqiao 06:25 21:00 -- --
Sidaoqiao 06:29 21:04 06:12 20:47
Qiaohuying 06:31 21:06 06:10 20:45
Shang'an 06:34 21:09 06:07 20:42
Liyuanzhuang 06:36 21:11 06:05 20:40
Xiaoyuan 06:39 21:14 06:02 20:37
Shichang -- -- 06:00 20::35

Future Transfers along Beijing Subway Line S1

 Jin’anqiao: Transfer with Line 6
Pingguoyuan: Transfer with Line 1 and Line 6

Surroundings and Bus Routes near Stations of Subway Line S1

('' points out transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Jingkun Road, Middle Shiyuan Road, South Shiyuan Road, North Shiyuan Road, South Shilong Road, Shimenying Community, Xifengjiayuan Community, Golden Cradle Kindergarten, Jingshi Experimental Kindergarten, Beijing Dayu School, Elementary School Affiliated to Renmin University of China (Jingxi Campus), Liu Hongrui Former Residence, Mentougou Xingfu Square, China Unicom, Furuihongda Drugstore, Shanhe Drugstore, Postal Savings Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 890, 931, 948, 959, 960, 964, 965, 994, M07, Special Express Bus Line 68 & 107 & 139

Surroundings: Zijin road, Longlin Road, Xiaoyuan Road, Jingxi Zijinxinyuan Community, Research Institute of Wood Industry & Chinese Academy of Forestry, Shimenying Cultural Park, Jiudikuai Community, Shidikuai Community, Zijinyuan Drugstore
Bus Routes: 890, 960, 964, 965, 981, 994, Special Express Bus Line 68 &107 & 139

Surroundings: Tanyuan Road, Ping’an Road, West Lianshihu Road, Shangyuan Road, Shilong Gaoke Office Building, Beijing Higher Technician School, the 4th Academy of China Science & Industry Corporation, Deshan Office Building, SF Express, Bank of Beijing
Bus Routes: 941, 981

Surroundings: Ya’an Road, Huayuan Road, Sino Ocean Dream Land Community, Xishan Mansion (under construction), Agricultural Bank of China, YT Express
Bus Routes: 890, 931, 960, 964, 965, 981, 994, M07, Special Express Line 68 &107 & 139

Surroundings: East Shilong Road, Lühai Forest Park, Huikanjiayuan Community, Kindergarten Affiliated to Dayu No. 1 Primary School, Dayu No. 1 Primary School, Capital Normal University High School Yongding Branch, Mentougou Youth Palace, Yongxing Community
Bus Route: 941

Surroundings: Xiyuan Road, West No.6 Ring Road, Sidao Bridge, Binshui Gongyuanjingguan Avenue, Houzhuangzi Xincun Community, Sidaoqiao Village Longwang Temple, Bixiayuanjun Temple
Bus Route: 941

Surroundings: Beixin’an Road, Fushi Road, West Jinding Road, Heping Street, Yonghui Apartment, Xilongduo International Shopping Mall, Beixin’an Primary School, Tiantian Art Kindergarten, Xingguang Kindergarten, Pod Inn, Hanting Express Hotel, KFC, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, Junyue Kangtai Drugstore, Hengxin Baixing Drugstore, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 325, 337, 370, 892, 892, 929, 931, 941, 948, 959, M05, M06, M07, M16, M17, M19, Yuntong Bus Line 101, Express Bus Line 4, Express Bus Line No.4 Branch Line

 Pingguoyuan (Closed)
Surroundings: South Pingguoyuan Road, East Jinding Street, Miaopu Community, Pingguoyuan Community, Home Inn, Jinjiang Inn, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, KFC
Bus Routes: 325, 336, 358, 370, 396, 472, 527, 597, 663, 664, 941, 958, 961, 977, 981, 992, Yuntong Bus Line 112 & 116, Special Bus Line No.108 & 109
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Questions & Answers on Beijing Subway Line S1
Asked by BL from CANADA | Mar. 27, 2019 11:19Reply
Are JinAnQiao & PingGuoYuan stations open for transfer between Beijing Subway S1 and Line 1 or L6?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emilie from FINLAND | Apr. 01, 2019 02:32

JinAnQiao is available but you cannot transfer in Pingguoyuan Station.
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