Beijing Subway Line 3 (open by the end of 2023)


Dongsi Shitiao ↔ Dongfeng

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The Beijing subway line 3 is under construction, and the west section of its first phase will put into use in 2023. This is a west-east line starting from Dongsi Shitiao in Dongcheng District in the west and reaching Dongfeng in Chaoyang District in the east.
Its west terminal, Dongsi Shitiao, is connected with Beijing subway ring line 2, serving passengers shuttling between the central city area and the major residential and functional areas in Dongfeng and Dongba. Also, it stops at the hub of Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station and some major tourist distributing centers like the Beijing Worker's Stadium and Chaoyang Sports Center.
See subway maps for reference.

Facts of West Section of 1st Phase of Subway Line 3

 Length: 15.6 km (9.7 mi)
 Stops: 10
 Route: Dongsi Shitiao → Gongren Tiyuchang (Worker's Stadium) → Tuanjiehu → Chaoyang Gongyuan (Chaoyang Park) → Shifoying → Beijing Chaoyang → Tiyu Zhongxin (Sports Center) → Pingfangcun → Dongba Zhongjie → Dongfeng
 Highest Speed of the Train: 80 km (50 mi) per hour

Future Transfer with Other Lines

 Dongsi Shitiao: transfer with Line 2
 Gongren Tiyuchang (Worker's Stadium): transfer with future Line 17
 Tuanjiehu: transfer with Line 10
 Chaoyang Gongyuan (Chaoyang Park): transfer with Line 14
 Beijing Chaoyang: transfer with future Line 20
 Dongfeng: transfer with future Line 12

Construction Plan of Beijing Subway Line 3

1. West Section of 1st Phase
It is expected to be operational in 2024, as mentioned above.

2. East Section of 1st Phase
It will be 5.2 km (3.2 mi) in length, extending from Dongfeng station, the east end of the west section, with all the stations built underground.
Route & Stations:
Stations Platform Types Future Transfers Districts
Guanzhuanglu Xikou underground double islands Line 20 Chaoyang District
Louzizhuangqiao West underground island platform None
Caogezhuang North underground side platform

3. 2nd Phase of Subway Line 3
According to the long-term plan, Beijing subway line 3 will be extended westward. From Dongsi Shitiao station, the west end of the west section of 1st Phase, it will run to the city center, along a same route with the present line 6 from Nanluoguxiang to Ping’anli. The future track of subway line 3 will be under the line 6. From Ping’anli, it will run a different route further west to Tiancun.
Route & Stations:
Stations Platform Types Future Transfers Districts
Tiancun underground island platform Line 6 & Line 30 Haidian District
Yongdinglu underground --
Dinghuisi --
Xidiaoyutai underground island platform Line 10
Hangtianqiao underground Line 7
Baiduizi underground island platform Line 9
Ganjiakou underground side platform Line 16 Haidian District & Xicheng District
Zhanlanlu underground -- Xicheng District
Fuchengmen underground island platform Line 2
Ping'anli Line 4, Line 6 & Line 19
Nanluoguxiang underground detached islands Line 6 & Line 8 Dongcheng District
Zhangzizhonglu underground island platform Line 5

Restricted by the concentration of cultural relics in the core area of Beijing, this section is still under research.

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