Lianhuachi Park (Lotus Pool Park)

With a three-thousand-year history, Lianhuachi Park, also known as the Lotus Pool Park, is considered to be the cradle of Beijing. It is said that Beijing owes its existence to the waters of the Lotus Pool, and is called the source of life of Beijing. The park is located next to Beijing West Railway Station, covering a total area of 533,412 square yards (446,000 square meters).


The lotus pool in Lianhuachi park has been known as the West Lake. Its current name comes from the lotus flowers floating on the lake's surface. The Liao (907-1125) and Jin (1115-1234) Dynasties established their capitals at the southwest of the pool. It served as an essential water supply. Nowadays, the pool has been developed into a park for the general public.

Lotus Pool

The Lotus Pool is about 179,399 square yards (150,000 square meters). It is divided by an arching causeway at its northern bank. The bridge on the causeway and the pavilion at the end of the bridge are in harmony with the small islands and lotus flowers on the lake. On each of the lake's banks are all kinds of trees, such as pines, cedars, lilacs and pomegranates. The scenery forms a beautiful and peaceful picture.

Lotus flowers are in full blossom in the summer. Then, the pool is covered with beautiful pink flowers. If a gentle breeze happens by, it can carry their fragrance. Tourists can take a deep breath, close their eyes, and enjoy the Lotus Pool's atmosphere.


By the pool is a sculpture of a beautiful lady and a young man. Legend has it that the Lotus Goddess, the daughter of Heavenly Emperor, fell in love with Lotus Root Boy, a mortal man. Angered, the Heavenly Emperor sent divine troops to arrest his daughter. The Lotus Goddess hid herself below the water and gave her love a pearl to protect him. Lotus Root Boy swallowed the pearl. The divine soldiers cut his head off, but it immediately reattached back to its neck, thanks to the pearl's magic. The Heavenly Emperor, seeing that he had been beaten, let Lotus Root Boy go. It is said that from then on, the Lotus Goddess and Lotus Root Boy settled down by the pool and gave lotus roots, seeds, and flowers to people every year.

Four Hills

The Lotus Pool is surrounded by four hills. Seen from afar, the East Hill is narrow and lofty. Stone trails wind through green pines and verdant cypresses into the Lotus Wind Pavilion at the top of the hill. The West Hill slopes gently, where locust and ash trees grow. The South Hill and the North Hill are both artificially constructed, and abundant with plants.


In Lianhuachi Park, there are over 200 fitness facilities for the elderly to exercise and all kinds of recreation equipment for children to play with. The 1,196-square-yard (1,000-square-meter) dance square is equipped with a professional amplifier, which provides people an ideal place to dance to their hearts' content. People can also fish in the fishing area at the southern part of the pond.

Best Time to Visit

Every year in the spring, there are grand temple fairs from the 1st to 7th of the first lunar month. The ticket price for the temple fair is CNY 10 and free for children below 3.9 feet (1.2m).
The lotus flowers are in full blossom in the summer, which makes Lianhuachi Park an ideal time to visit. A Lotus Festival is held there on June and July.

How to Get to Lianhuachi Park

 By Subway:
1. Take subway line 7 or line 9, get off at Beijing Xizhan (Beijing West Railway Station), leave from Exit B, and enter the park through the east gate.
2. Take subway line 9, get off at Liuliqiao Dong Station, leave from Exit E, and enter the park through the south gate.
3. Take subway line 10, get off at Lianhuaqiao Station, leave from Exit C, and enter the park through the west gate.
 By Bus:
 South Gate: Take bus 6, 38, 53, 57, 74, 76, 122, 133, 309, 349, 477, 691, 820, 821, 890, 941, 941 Express, 968, 982, Special Line 3 or 7, and get off at Lianhuachi Station.
 East Gate: Take bus 53, 109, 122, 309, 349, 410, 616, 820, 821, 890, 941, 941 Express, 968, 982, 997, or Special Line 3 or 17, and get off at Beijing Xizhan Nanguangchang (Beijing West Railway Station South Square) Station.
 West Gate: Take bus 67, 74, 76, 96, 99, 300, 323, 473, 616, 631, 661, 662, 694, 843, 890, 901, 977, Fast Transit Line 68, 130, 134, 145, or 148, or Special Line 2, 8, or Yuntong 120 or 201 and get off at Liuliqiao Beili Station.
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Entrance Fee Free
Rowing boat CNY 20 / hour
Pedal boat CNY 30 / hour
4-seat battery boat CNY 40 / hour
6-seat battery boat CNY 40 / 0.5 hour
Laser shooting boat CNY 80 / hour

Opening Hours

April to October  6:00-21:00
November to March 6:30-20:00

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