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When night falls, the city Beijing is illuminated by brilliant lights and sheds the daytime solemnity, showing her lively and gentle side to visitors. Following our night tours of Beijing, you will discover her beauty gradually. Gorgeous lights, fantastic architectures, tasty food and bustling shopping streets, there are always more enjoyable entertainments filling up your night.

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FAQs on Beijing Night Tours

Is it safe to travel at night in Beijing?

Yes. It is quite safe to travel around China whenever in day and night. Normally, there are still many people outside after 22:00. However, staying in the crowded place and calling licensed taxi service at night will never go wrong.

Any places suitable for kids to go at night?

If you travel with children, you may consider attending an acrobatic show or a Kung Fu Show which are very interesting for kids. Or you can go for a food street where there are many shops and delicious snacks. While please do stay close with your children at the crowded area.

My flight arrives late, do I still get chance to see the Great Wall or Forbidden City at night?

The closing times of Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall and Badaling Great Wall are at around 16:00, 17:30 and 18:00 respectively. Only for Simatai Great Wall, it has trips from 17:00 to 20:30 at night. However, it takes about 2 hours from airport to Simatai Great Wall and we usually do not recommend night driving for safety concern. So for the trip of Great Wall, we suggest you leave it with enough time and arrange it in the daytime.

What is your departure time for Beijing tour at night? Can I take it after I finish my day trip with other groups?

We can set the departure time based on your schedule as these are all private trips. And yes, you can take the night tour after you finish your day trip with other groups. Please just let us know your plan when you book the trip.

For your night tour of Beijing with dinner stop, can I choose my own restaurant and will you help to make reservation for me?

Of course. For dinner we only arrange guide for assistance. You may choose your own restaurant and the guide will help you get there and make orders. We can also make reservations for you in advance.

I'd like to make some arrangements for my Beijing tour at night. What do you recommend?

If you just want to appreciate the night views and take photos, you may take our private night tour of Beijing to Tiananmen Square, Changan Street, Beijing CBD, Bird's Nest etc.

If you would like to go shopping or relax, you may go for some shopping malls at CBD, or the bar street like Sanlitun or Houhai street.

If you want to explore some night streets, Nanluoguxiang, Wangfujing food street or Wudaoying hutong street would be a good choice.

And if you travel with kids, it might be a good idea to attend some interesting shows like acrobatic show or Kung Fu Show

For your Beijing tour at night with dinner and show, do you provide car or do I have to pay my own taxi fee?

For our private night tour of Kung Fu show, we will arrange a guide for you only. The public transfer fees like subway and buses are included, but for the taxi fee, you will pay on your own. If you think it is more convenient to have a private car, surely we can arrange it for you. Please feel free to let us know your requests when booking.
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