Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum: Northern Dynasties, Sui and Jin Dynasties Pictures

During the period of Northern Dynasties, Sui Dynasty and Jin Dynasty, the rulers built the wall no matter he belonged to Han nationality or minority nationality. Northern Wei built it to defend against Jorjan. The wall of Northern Qi began west at Huanglulin, west Shanxi and terminated east at Jieshi, totally 1,500 kilometers, which are the foundation of the wall of Northern Zhou, Sui and Jizhen walls of Ming Dynasty afterward. Sui Walls had been built and repaired for seven times to defend against the Turkic, with its relic remained in today Shanxi and Hetao districts. Jin Walls on the grassland were also over 10,000 li (5,000 kilometers). Jin Dynasty founded by Nüchen Natioanlity built walls to defend against the Mongolia cavalry growing up from Mongolia Plateau.
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