Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum: Ming Dynasty Pictures

After the collapse of Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang established Ming Dynasty in 1368. The force of Mongol-led Yuan kept attacking the border in the north. After 1500, Nüchen tribe, coming to power at Changbai Mountain and Heilongjiang River in the northeast, also threatened Ming Dynasty. The construction of Great Wall almost never stopped during 276 years in the Ming Dynasty. Great officers and generals such as Xu Da, Qi Jiguang and so on worked unceasingly to build the wall, which began from Yalu River in the east and terminated at the desert in the west, 8851.8 kilomters in length. Magnificent and splendid, the Ming wall is regarded as the imperishable summit in the construction history of the wall. Brief Intro: Great Wall of Ming Dynasty
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