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Crescent Lake on China's National Day

As oil and water don't mix, so it can be said of springs and deserts, but Crescent Lake/Spring is an exception. Surrounded by Echoing-Sand Mountain, the spring gets its name because its resemblance to a crescent that has fallen down into this desert. Despite being  buffeted by  frequent sandstorms, Crescent Spring still gurgles clearly and remains worthy as the foremost spring in the desert. Attraction Intro: Crescent Lake
  • Crescent Lake on China's National Day
  • Crescent Lake is surrounded by the Echoing-Sand Mountain in Dunhuang.
  • Crescent Lake is a natural wonder in the desert. Won't you be amazed by such a spring when you traveled to the hinterland of a desert?
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Asked by Ms.jesse | Mar. 10, 2011 03:11Reply
Hello, I will travel to Juizhaigou and I'd like to know when the latest bus is to songpan and is there a connecting bus or train service to lanzhou?
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Answered by Mr.Shana | Mar. 10, 2011 21:50

When I was there last year, there are two buses departing to Songpan respectively at 07:30 and 12:50. Another method, you could share a van with others to Songpan, more comfortable. Some hostels there do have these service. Seems no bus or train to Lanzhou.
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