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The temple was sponsored by a couple of brothers in about three hundred years ago, and stands still today.

Guiyuan Temple is an important Buddhist temple of Zen Sect situated on Cuiwei Street. It is one of the four largest Buddhist meditation temples in Hubei famed for its perfect construction, spiffy 500 gold arhat sculptures in Luohan Hall and other abundant collections. This popular and busy Buddhist shrine attracts lots of visitors and devotees to pray. Attraction Intro: Guiyuan Buddhist Temple
  • The temple was sponsored by a couple of brothers in about three hundred years ago, and stands still today.
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Asked by Clara from MALAYSIA | May. 12, 2019 06:58Reply
How to travel shanghai to wuhan? How long duration to reach?
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia from UKRAINE | May. 22, 2019 23:28

It is advised to take the bullet train from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Wuhan Hankou Railway Station. The duration is 5 hours. The fare of 1st class seat is CNY503 and 2nd Class Seat is CNY315.
Asked by Ms.Victoria | Mar. 29, 2011 02:09Reply
Hi!How do i get from Beijing to Wuhan by train?Where should I go in Beijing to find a train to come to Wuchang Railway station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.sisley | Mar. 29, 2011 04:33

Please go to Beijing West Railway Station, where you could find over 15 trains departing to Wuchang everyday.
Asked by Mr.Sagan from LITHUANIA | May. 24, 2009 15:52Reply
I can't find anywhere bus station of Wuhan to see when the buses leave to Huangshan... Any help, please?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Shan | May. 24, 2009 21:49

Both of the Xinhua Road Bus Station in Hankou District and the Fujiapo Bus Station in Wuchang District do supply buses to Huangshan everyday. The former one is located at 1329, Jiefang Dadao, Hankou District, having two coaches to Huangshan respectively at 08:30 and 17:30. Fujiapo Station is at 358, Wuluo Road, Wuchang District and has two coaches respectively at 09:30 abd 18:50. The journey is about 8 hours and 240RMB per person.
Asked by Ms.Ashley from SINGAPORE | Feb. 10, 2009 01:20Reply
Hi, can you advise if there are any overnight trains from Wuhan to Xi'an? Can I view the train schedule or book the tickets online? Many thanks
Answers (3)
Answered by Ms.Li | Feb. 10, 2009 03:04

Yes, there are. Wuchang Railway Station and Hankou Railway Station have trains. The former one has 7 trains to Xi'an as well as the latter one has 3 trains. You may use ths website's train tool to search for the details:

Seems book online is not supplied current at both of the stations/
Answered by Ms.Ashley from SINGAPORE | Feb. 10, 2009 19:11

Thanks Ms Li....I heard that the train tickets are only available 3 days in advance (prior to departure date) just worried that we may not be able to get the train we want since we can't book online...thanks again!
Answered by Mr.tbone from CHINA | Apr. 02, 2009 00:42

10 days now
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