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Pictures of Other Attractions in Wuhan

First sun rays in the morning shine the Yangtze River of Wuhan Part

Civilized history of the city can be traced back to 3,500 year ago and the excavated city ruins are the oldest in the drainage area of the Yangtze River. With advantaged geography, Wuhan now is a big city on the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River and in Central China, meanwhile it is also the ending point of your Yangtze River cruise. Attraction Intro: Other Attractions
  • First sun rays in the morning shine the Yangtze River of Wuhan Part
  • Wuhan is a major stop on the cruise along the Yangtze River with its docks busy with cruise ships berthing at.
  • In the heartland of Hankou, Jianghan Road was once lease area some a hundred years ago and now is a famous pedestrian street in Wuhan, with a dozen of old exotic building as the telling witness of history.
  • There are tens of kinds of fishes living in the East Lake, among which Wuchang fish is the most famous and delicious sort.
  • Located on the bank of the Moon Lake andwest to the Tortoise Hill, the Heptachord Terrace is a famous misical cultural relic, telling an old story about Yu Boya, a famous heptachord player meting his bosom friend.
  • The villa is well located at the scenic bank of East Lake, built in 1985 as a sanatorium place for Chairman Mao.
  • Chairman Mao''s relique things are well preserved in Mao Zedong Villa in Wuhan, Hubei.
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