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Located on the eastern side of South Gate, the Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen (Shuyuan Gate) is a famed cultural street lined with restored ancient architectures of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Cultural aroma permeates through the flagstone paved street. The street is sided by numerous stores selling antiques, four treasures of study (writing bush, ink stick, ink slab and paper) and artworks. Attraction Intro: Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen
  • The calligraphy and painting store sells various types of works of calligraphy in the Shu Yuan Men, the ancient culture street of Xi'an.
  • A small shop sells various kinds of brushes on the Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen.
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Questions & Answers on Photos of Ancient Cultural Street of Shuyuanmen
Asked by Mr.Gytenis from LITHUANIA | Aug. 01, 2009 10:20Reply
My flight from Guilin to Xi'an is on Sep 16 and an arrival at Xi'an airport will be at 12:15 pm. The next morning I must fly to another city so I have only one tight day to visit this city. I would like to visit terra cotta museum and the rest time spend at the city center. Could you help me with a time planning? Here is my plan:

12:15 arrival to the xian airport. I believe it could take ~30 min for getting my baggage.
13:00 to rent a room and to leave my baggage at the airport gueshouse where I will spend a night.
13:30 to start my journey by a taxi to terra cota museum
14:30 arrival to terra cotta museum. I think it would be enough ~2 hours.
16:30 to start my journey by a taxi to the center.
17:30 arrival to the center
??:?? going back to an aiport guesthouse (I don't know how much daylight time should I have)

1. At what time becomes dark? I mean how much daytime hours do I have to visit famous places in the center of the city?
2. Could you suggest me not expensive contact where I could book a taxi from the xian airport then go to terra cotta museum and return to the city.
3. How much time with a taxi does it take for getting from the airport to terra cotta and from terra cotta to the center?

I will appreciate any help
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.kate from CHINA | Aug. 02, 2009 23:06

1. It will be get dark at about 7:00-7:30pm in Sep. Please bear in mind that most tourist attractions stop to sell tickets at 4:30-5:30pm.
2.As you have such a tight schedule, I'd suggest you find a taxi after you get out of the airport and negotiate the price before get on it.
3.The airport is in the west, the terracotta is in the east of the city, it usually takes 45m to 1 hour to the city, and 1 hour from city to the terracotta, so I'd guess 1.5 hours from airport to terracotta.

After you get back to the city in the afternoon, I suggest you to visit the city wall and maybe ride a bicycle on it, then when go to the snack street which is close to the city wall in the evening.
Answered by Mr.Gytenis from LITHUANIA | Aug. 09, 2009 05:31

Thank you very much
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