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Pictures of Polychrome Terracotta Warriors

Among the thousands of clay figures excavated from the pits of terracotta Army, the most precious ones should be these polychrome terracotta warriors. It is said that only eight such figures have been discovered so far. Actually, many these kind warriors were originally coated with polychrome, but very few have been discovered yet, hence they are rare. Attraction Intro: Polychrome Terracotta Warriors
  • A repaired terracotta soldier
  • The colorful kneeling archers were excavated in Pit 2 in 1999.
  • None of these warriors was completed when unearthed. It is a painstaking work for archaeological workers mending broken figures.
  • Archaeological experts have put a lot of effort into preserving the valuable cultural relics.
  • So far, only eight ancient polychrome figures have been discovered in the site of Terracotta Warriors Museum.
  • A picture of a polychrome terracotta warrior of the Museum of Qin Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, Xian
  • A kneeling archer staring into the distance
  • Unearthed color-painted terracotta warriors
  • The head decoration of a terracotta warrior
  • Green-faced terracotta warrior
  • The hair style of a terracotta warrior
  • The hairdress of a terracotta soldier
  • Armor plates to protect the soldier
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