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Town God’s Temple in Sanyuan County was originally built in the 1375 of the Ming Dynasty and was repaired in 1852 of the Qing Dynasty. It occupies an area of 11,024 square meters. It has the architectural style of temples of the Ming Dynasty. A stone-paved pathway leads to the main hall; the front courtyard and the back courtyard are surrounded by more than one hundred buildings, all symmetrically laid out.

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Asked by Mrs.Hito from JAPAN | Jul. 26, 2009 01:32Reply
We are planning a trip to Beijing and Xi'an (Shanghai). We are flying from Toyko. What is the best way to route our trip? Is it best to fly to Beijing for a couple days, then fly to Xi'an (Shanghai), then back to Beijing, or the other way around? What is airline that flys from Beijing to Shanghai? Thank you.
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Answered by Mr.Qi | Jul. 29, 2009 21:50

My suggestion: Fly from Toyko to Beijing - Xi'an-Shanghai-Toyko. China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Air China and Hainan Airlines all have fligts to Shanghai, and Xi'an to Shanghai. You can also arrange your trip starting from Shanghai ending in Beijing. There are bullet trains between Beijing and Xi'an, Beijing and Shanghai. Hoep it helps.
Asked by Mr.Nitin from INDIA | Mar. 15, 2009 03:12Reply
I will be going for just a day to Xi'an mid April, arrive there on 14th with my family at the railway station, i am told there is a bus from the station to the terracota warriors museum,Bus route 5?how many rmb per person?we have a flight to catch to Shenzhen same evening about 5pm,so we have enough time to see the Terracota museum and maybe some other site like the city Great wall ?
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Answered by Ms.macau from MACAU | Mar. 19, 2009 22:45

if u r able to catch the bus early in the morning then u will have just enough time to go check the terracota warriors museum,it will take u 1.5hrs from the railway station then another 1.5hrs back to xi'an city n another 1 hr to the airport. So u'll have to plan careful. all in all ur time is very very tight
Answered by Ms.King from CHINA | Mar. 20, 2009 22:43

I am a native person in XI'an .
Welcome to XI'an!
As I know ,you can buy one ticket from the station,it only needs you 8rmb ,and you needn't pay for return.The ticket is a round-trip ticket.
Have a good time!
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