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The Uygurian style construction of the Hotan Museum

Situated on Tanai Nan Road at the city center, Hetian Museum covers an area of 3,400 square meters (4,066 square yards). It houses a number of precious cultural relics excavated from the ancient sites such as Shanpula ancient tombs, Niya Site, Mazhatage Site and Yuansha ancient city site. More than 200 items on display in the Hotan Museum demonstrate the importance of this city on the Silk Road. Attraction Intro: Hetian Museum
  • The Uygurian style construction of the Hotan Museum
  • Wall mounted paintings of Thousand Buddha, Hotan Museum in Xinjiang
  • The horse cart can be the most common vehicle in the village. A happy family is on their way.
  • A simulated scene of the Niya Ruins excavated in Hetian area
  • A lump of rusted copper coin excavated in the Niya Ruins
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Questions & Answers on Hetian Museum Pictures
Asked by Mr.Kaufman from USA | Sep. 05, 2009 23:37Reply
What kind of road is from Kashgar to Heitan, how far is it away and about how many hours does it take by car?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Sandy | Sep. 09, 2009 20:17

It is over 530 km between the two places. There are buses from kashgar every 1.5 hours from 10am. The ticket fare is about 180RMB. It will take 7-8 hours on road. There are cars waiting there. They will wait for 4 people in one car and drives you to Hetian. It maybe faster and you can ask the drive to stop at anytime on the way for you to take photo, or s short view of the places passed by. Negoriate the price with the driver, it should be the price I told above.
Asked by Mr.Kaufman from USA | Aug. 26, 2009 06:27Reply
I want to find out more about the city Khotan. Is there a site like this one that I can ask questions about Khotan?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Hank | Aug. 28, 2009 03:23

I found the page of Hotan at https://www.travelchinaguide.com/cityguides/xinjiang/hetian/
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